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Chicken marinated with yogurt and allspice

Chicken marinated with yogurt and allspice

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A wonderful marinated chicken recipe!

  • 600 g chicken
  • 250 g plain yogurt
  • 30 g butter
  • 1 teaspoon sweet paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon hot paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • juniper berries

Servings: 6

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Marinated chicken with yogurt and allspice:

First we mix the yogurt with the spices apart from the allspice. Add the chicken (legs, thighs or breast) and mix well. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Melt the butter in a pan, add the meat and yogurt sauce and cover to boil. From time to time we mix and add another cup of water. Add the allspice seeds.

Sprinkle the greens at the end. Good appetite!

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Juniper berries can be ground, or you can use allspice powder directly.


It can also be made in the oven.

Herring salad marinated with mayonnaise

Herring salad marinated with mayonnaise recipes: how to cook herring salad marinated in mayonnaise and the tastiest recipes for marinated herring with vegetables, chicken breast salad with mayonnaise and onion, marinated chicken breast, fish paste with mayonnaise, chicken breast with mayonnaise, potatoes with mayonnaise, baked herring, tongue with mayonnaise and horseradish , eggs stuffed without mayonnaise, lettuce soup with yogurt.

Greek Marinated Herring Salad

Salads, Fish salads, Fish 250 gr marinated herring 200 gr homemade mayonnaise (made from 2 egg yolks, 1 tablespoon mustard, 100 gr yogurt, oil) 2 cucumbers in vinegar parsley salt, pepper to taste

Russian beet salad and marinated mackerel

Ingredients for 4-6 people: 200-250g of marinated mackerel (commercially available in sachets is very good!) 3 potato chips 3 medium carrots 3 small beets (or beets from the jars sold) 1 medium red onion 3 eggs 70-100 g of 1 teaspoon mayonnaise.

Gypsy Salad From Merinated Herring

Salads, Fish salads, Fish 250 gr marinated herring 400 gr sweet ketcup 2 cucumbers in vinegar dill salt, pepper to taste

Russian salad with beets and marinated mackerel

Salads, Salads with fish, Fish for 4-6 people: 200-250g of marinated mackerel (commercially, in sachets, it's very good!) 3 mashed potatoes 3 medium carrots 3 small beets (or beets from the jars sold) 1 red onion average 3 eggs 70-100 g of mayonnaise 1 teaspoon oil.

Shuba - Russian salad with smoked herring

Fish, Salads 700 g smoked herring 2 beets 2 potatoes 3 carrots 3 eggs salt pepper 250 g mayonnaise 2 teaspoons mustard 2 onions

Marinated herring salad

Salads, Fish salads, Fish 1 boiled potato 1 lemon 1 cucumber 1 donut 125 g Philadelphia cheese leek salt pepper dill basil 4 tablespoons sour cream garlic smoked herring fillet olive oil balsamic vinegar

Salad with herring fillets

Salads, Fish salads, Fish fillets herring 5 potatoes 3 carrots 1 beetroot 1 onion mayonnaise 1 egg salt pepper

Raw and smoked fish paste

Appetizers, Appetizers with fish, Fish ingredients: - 1 kg boiled and deboned cod - 2 smoked fish (mackerel or herring), cleaned of skin and bones - 500 gr mackerel / herring marinated, - 3-4 tablespoons of homemade mayonnaise (1 egg and about 100 -150 ml of oil) - 3-4 tablespoons of yogurt - 100 gr.

Herring marinated with vegetables

Foods with over 1000 g herring 250 ml water 100 ml vinegar 50 ml oil 2 onions 2 carrots 3-4 bay leaves 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon peppercorns 1 teaspoon mustard seeds 2-3 teaspoons berries

Smoked mackerel or herring salad

Salads, Fish salads, Fish 300 g smoked fish (mackerel or herring) 300 g suitable potatoes 2-3 carrots 100 g pea mayonnaise to taste lemon juice 1 teaspoon julienned onion mustard or diced

Salad & quotSuba & quot

Salads 5 Potatoes 5 Carrots 2 Onions Smoked or Marinated Mackerel Beetroot Mayonnaise Salt

Marinated herring (quick recipe)

Dishes with over -1 kg of herring, -a carrot, -a small onion, -a teaspoon of salt, -a ground pepper powder, -a teaspoon of sugar, -a teaspoon of peppercorns, -a teaspoon of coriander seeds ( or mustard), -2 bay leaves, -a tablespoon of oil, -50ml vinegar (or juice from.

Baked herring with salad

Foods over 1 kg herring 3 large onions 3 carrots 1 parsnip 1 can of tomatoes in broth salt (vegetable mix) rosemary pepper oil radishes green onion mustard dill parsley

Herring caviar salad

Salads, Cold salads 100 g herring caviar 500 ml oil mineral water lemon juice as needed

Potato salad with herring

Salads, Fish salads, Fish 2 boiled potatoes olives smoked herring fillets 2 pickled cucumbers soda philadelphia leek vegeta 3 boiled eggs

Herring salad with cheese

200 gr boiled snails (pasta) 1 can of herring in 250 gr oil 100 gr feta cheese 150 gr sheep cheese 150 gr black olives pepper.

Russian salad - Shuba

Carrots, Water - marinated fish fillets - 300 gr - 1 onion - 2 potatoes or 1 larger - 2 carrots - 2-3 eggs - 1 small red beet - commercial mayonnaise (not homemade)

Felicia marinated fish salad

Salad ingredients: 3 - 4 pieces of marinated fish 2-3 oranges 1/2 bunch of dill 1 red onion 20-30 gr of nutmeg 150 gr of red cabbage 100 gr white cabbage 2 sour donuts 20 gr of poppy dressing: juice from a lemon juice from an orange 1 tbsp.

Herring in the oven

Meals with over 4 pieces herring 100 ml oil 2 onions 3 carrots 3 bay leaves spices fish pepper grains salt

Salad platter

Mayonnaise, Olives, Salad salad 1: 200 g sliced ​​surimi 200 g grated melted cheese 100 g finely chopped fresh cabbage 2 finely chopped boiled eggs 100 g boiled corn 200 g mayonnaise salt pepper salad 2: 1/2 fresh cabbage 1/2 lemon (juice) 100 g mayonnaise for.

Oriental herring salad

Salads, Fish salads, Canned herring fish (in brine or oil), 2 large boiled potatoes, 2-3 hard boiled eggs, black olives, striped vinegar donut, red onion scales, mustard sauce, mustard, vinegar, oil, sugar), olive oil, a tablespoon, vinegar (to taste)

Herring rolls with cucumbers

Vinegar, Herring, Water -500 g herring, -a teaspoon of caster sugar, -a teaspoon of coriander seeds (or mustard), -a tablespoon of salt, -a cinnamon powder, -50 ml oil, -75 ml vinegar, -a teaspoon black peppercorns, -2-3 bay leaves, -350 ml water, -a small onion cut.

Herring rolls with vegetables

Food, Fish dishes, Fresh herring carrots leeks carrots green parsley white wine salt, pepper, water, a tablespoon of lemon oil

Potato salad with mayonnaise

Salads, Vegetable salads potato salad with mayonnaise we need: -potatoes 1kg. -5 boiled eggs -1 red onion - 1-2 red or green peppers - 500 gr mayonnaise -salt, pepper - 200 gr black olives

Rolls with herring and vegetables

Appetizers, Appetizers with fish, Over 10 herring fillets, 300 g mushrooms, 2 carrots, 1 tablespoon canned corn berries, 1 lemon, 50 ml olive oil, salt - pepper 100 ml white wine, greens

Salad with mushrooms, mayonnaise and garlic

Salads 300 g mushrooms champignon 150 g homemade mayonnaise or you can use commercial mayonnaise 1-2 cloves of garlic salt

Smoked Fish Salad

Salads, Fish salads, Fish 4 - 5 smaller potatoes 150 gr frozen vegetables (Mexican mixture) 200 gr smoked fish (herring) olives 1 lemon 1 small onion salad leaves for decoration

Mackerel with mayonnaise

Vinegar, Bay leaf, Bay leaf 300 g mackerel marinated in oil 1/2 kg white onion and red onion a cup vinegar salt pepper allspice berries bay leaf lemon for garnishing mayonnaise obtained from a boiled egg one raw and 100 ml oil

Mushroom meadow

Potato, Cheese, Mayonnaise 1 jar of whole mushrooms (look for mushrooms with hats as large as possible) 3 potatoes 2-3 carrots 2 boiled eggs 100 g cheese 1 small chicken breast 1 bunch curly parsley (hasmatuchi) 150 g mayonnaise lettuce

Potato Salad With Mayonnaise

Salads - 1-1,5kg potatoes for salad - 250g mayonnaise - 250g sour cream - 150g pickled cucumbers - ca.3-4ls pickled cucumber juice - 4 boiled eggs - salt + pepper

Eggplant salad

Mayonnaise, Water, Wine eggplant onion oil mayonnaise red salt.

Russian salad (Olivier salad)

Vegetable dishes, Salads 3 carrots 2 parsley roots 2 parsley roots 1 celery 200 g pickles 150 g boiled peas 3 potatoes 3 eggs 100 g mayonnaise 2 teaspoons mustard salt pepper for mayonnaise: 2 fresh egg yolks 1 tablespoon u 150 ml.

Bean salad

Salads, Fish salads, Fish we need: 1 lettuce 1 tomato 1 canned red beans berries 2 peppers 1 donut 1 red onion smoked herring fillets telemea olive oil salt pepper

Crab sushi

Soy sauce, Avocado, Soy a cup rice for sushi half a cup sushi vinegar 5 sheets of clouds (dried seaweed) 120g crab 40g Japanese caviar 5 halves lettuce leaves half a cucumber (long greenhouse) 1 avocado 2 tbsp ginger wasabi mayonnaise (ginger) marinated sauce.

Russian salad with tuna and roll with ham

Potato, Carrots, Salad for Russian salad: 5 potatoes 4 eggs 4 carrots 4-5 cucumbers in vinegar 2-3 cans of tuna in oil 300 gr mayonnaise 200 gr boiled peas salt pepper for rolls with ham: 2 slices of bread for sandwiches ( sandwiches) 50 gr ham pressed into thin slices 2 leaves.

Chicken steak with lemon sauce in the doublet

Salad, lettuce 2 notched chicken legs a chicken breast marinade sauce: 4 tablespoons olive oil lemon juice salt pepper, salad: a lettuce a bunch radish a bunch green onion dresssing: 2 tablespoons oil, salt 2 tablespoons vinegar of apples 2 tomatoes.

Consistent salad

Cheese, Salad, Avocado a lettuce an avocado sausage 200 g 50 g cheese 2 tablespoons mayonnaise lemon juice a few slices of red pepper for garnish

Egg salad and mayonnaise

Salads 100 g cream cheese 4 tablespoons mayonnaise salt pepper 1 bell pepper 2 pickles 6-8 boiled eggs green parsley

Chicken salad

Vinegar, Red onion, Mayonnaise ingredients: 1 fried chicken breast 1 red onion 2 pickled cucumbers 1 roasted and pickled capsicum 3 boiled potatoes 1 lettuce (small) a few black olives salt pepper vinegar olive oil mayonnaise.

Sunflower salad

Potato, Mayonnaise, Greenery - Potatoes - Mayonnaise - Canned corn - "pringles" chips - Greenery - Mackerel (which we lightly fry in a pan without oil)

Eggplant salad with onion and mayonnaise

Vegetarian recipes, Baked eggplant salad cleaned 300gr onion 1 piece small mayonnaise 2 tbsp

Sunflower salad

Dill, Mayonnaise - a boneless chicken breast - 300 g fresh mushrooms - 3 eggs - 2-3 tablespoons oil - mayonnaise - 1 creamy yogurt - a can of small corn - dill - 1 box of pringles chips

Vegetable Salad Boiled With Fasting Mayonnaise

Fasting dishes for this salad I chose to use a few bouquets of broccoli, a few bunches of cauliflower, about 200 g of green beans, a few sprigs of parsley and dill salt, fasting mayonnaise pepper to taste and a little boiled carrot for garnish. fasting mayonnaise.

Cauliflower salad with mayonnaise

Cauliflower -1 cauliflower -mayonnaise (3-4 tablespoons) -salt

Cauliflower salad with mayonnaise

Salads 1 large and healthy cauliflower 3 eggs (for mayonnaise) sunflower oil 1 medium onion salt white pepper to taste

Eggplant salad

Water, Wine eggplant fasting onion mayonnaise mayonnaise with egg for the days when you are not fasting or if you do not have time to make mayonnaise put 2-3 teaspoons of sweet mustard and a little lemon juice and it is delicious salt oil

Marinated meatballs with onion and mayonnaise

Meals, Meatballs: 500 g minced meat, 2 carrots, 1 onion, 3 eggs, 1 can of ricotta 250 g / cottage cheese (optional), 6 cloves of garlic, chopped parsley and dill, bread soaked in milk / breadcrumbs if the composition is too soft, salt, pepper sauce: 4 onions, 3.

Oriental salad

Mayonnaise, Olives, Boiled eggs 6-7 large potatoes 2 green onions 2 boiled eggs 100g olives salt pepper mayonnaise

Carrot salad with mayonnaise and garlic

Carrots 1 kg carrots 300 ml mayonnaise 5-6 cloves garlic salt

Vegetable Salad Roll

Lemon, Mayonnaise, Carrots 12 slices smoked pork ham 4 carrots 1 suitable celery 1 apple 1/2 lemon mayonnaise salt and pepper

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Chicken with allspice

The meat is marinated in a mixture typical of the Caribbean, called jerk. It traditionally contains allspice, an extremely popular spice in this area, where allspice is native and is also called Jamaican pepper.

Kitchen: Jamaican
Difficulty: average
Amount: 2 servings
Preparation time: 15 minutes + marinating
Cooking time: 15 minutes

1 boneless chicken breast, without skin, about 350 g
1-2 tablespoons of yogurt
1 teaspoon pasta, or hot pepper sauce
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 teaspoon whole ginger
4 strips of lime peel, 1 cm wide
1 teaspoon grated lime peel
1 teaspoon of allspice, finely ground
1 teaspoon of allspice, coarsely ground
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
2 cm piece of fresh, chopped ginger
5-6 strands of coriander, or parsley, chopped
1 teaspoon mustard with berries
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/2 red bell pepper, cleaned and cut into strips
1/2 green bell pepper, cleaned and cut into strips
1/2 yellow bell pepper, cleaned and cut into strips
3 tablespoons oil
1 cup long grain rice, well washed, soaked in cold water for 30 minutes, then drained as well as possible
fresh coriander (or parsley) leaves for garnish

Process with a blender the mixture of yogurt, hot sauce, lime juice and peel, ground allspice, salt, pepper, onion, garlic, ginger, coriander, mustard, sugar and 1 tablespoon of oil. When a homogeneous paste (jerk) is obtained, put it in a large bowl. Add the meat and mix well to mix evenly. Cover the bowl and leave to marinate overnight (or at least 3 hours) in the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, boil the rice in 2 cups of water. Add a little salt, whole ginger, 1 tablespoon oil and lime peel strips. Mix well and bring to a boil over high heat. Then reduce the flame so that the rice just bubbles and covers. Let it boil for 12 minutes. After boiling, turn off the heat and leave for 12 minutes, covered. After that, loosen it with a fork and remove the lime strips.
Preheat the oven to MODERATE (180 ° C).

Line a baking tray with metal foil. Remove the meat from the marinade and place it in the pan, with the outside of the chest facing up. Sprinkle with coarsely ground allspice. Press the grinder with the bottom of a spoon to adhere well to the meat. Bake in the oven, without covering it for 10 minutes, during which time it returns only once, halfway through the time interval. Increase the temperature to TARE (220 ° C) and continue cooking the meat for another 2-3 minutes on each side, until the meat is done and browned nicely. Slice your breasts.

Meanwhile, heat the remaining oil in a pan. Add the bell pepper slices and fry over high heat, stirring constantly, for 2 minutes, until the vegetables are tender, but remain crispy.
Place the rice on a plate and place the browned breasts on top of it. Place the pan-fried peppers around them. Sprinkle with coriander leaves and serve.

Chicken marinated in yogurt sauce and garlic with potatoes

Chicken meat becomes tenderer and tastier when left to marinate in the right ingredients. Try the recipe with yogurt and garlic, which you can serve with any garnish. We offer you a portion of salad-flavored potatoes.


2 tablespoons chopped parsley

thyme leaves to taste

For potatoes

grated peel of 1 lemon

Method of preparation

In a bowl, mix the yogurt, ½ tablespoon of oil, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper to taste. Put the pieces of meat in the sauce obtained, cover and leave to marinate for a few hours or overnight. Roast the meat in a grill pan, lined with aluminum foil, for about 8 minutes, until it changes color. Take it off the heat, wrap it in foil and leave the chicken like this for a few more minutes.

Boil the potatoes in water with a little salt. Season with grated lemon peel and a little oil. Season to taste. Serve the chicken breast with potatoes and salad, if you want.

Greek chicken marinated with yogurt

First prepare the marinade, combining yogurt with olive oil, crushed garlic, oregano, salt and pepper. We take a (organic) lemon that we wash well and put it on a small grater. We will put in the sauce the lemon peel that we scraped. Add 1-2 teaspoons of juice. We mix the ingredients. At the end we take the bunch of fresh parsley that we cut and add it together with the other spices.

We will take a bag, which we can close and add the chicken hammers / chicken breast cut into pieces the right size and marinade. As much as possible, take the air out of the bag, close it and massage the chicken pieces to cover the sauce as well as possible. Refrigerate the bag for 45-60 minutes.

The chicken thus marinated can be prepared both on the grill and in the preheated oven. Until it penetrates and turns golden red.

On a plate, place the browned chicken, along with a few lettuce leaves, tomatoes, Telemea cheese, olives and a sliced ​​red onion.

Put in the oven with yogurt

Baked chicken with yogurt & # 8211 I don't remember when I ate such a good chicken, so red, tender and sticky, chicken that you don't really have a chance to use cutlery. For a long time I still wanted to make a yogurt marinade, now it's time. It's the chicken you lick on your fingers!

Yeast enzymes and acid perfectly marinate the chicken pieces, tenderizing them exceptionally. You can also use a kefir or whipped milk as well as other spices (turmeric etc) & # 8211 see here another flour recipe.

From the quantities below it results approx. 4-5 servings of baked chicken with yogurt.

  • 500 g chicken legs
  • 500 g chicken wings
  • 500 g yogurt
  • salt, pepper, garlic, cumin, paprika

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