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Detox juice with pineapple and green vegetables at Kuvings

Detox juice with pineapple and green vegetables at Kuvings

Lose weight healthily and benefit from a fast weight loss diet based on natural fruit and vegetable juices, rich in vitamins and minerals that support a healthy detoxification process with visible results.
Pineapple contains bromelain, a digestive enzyme that promotes digestion and prevents bloating. Pineapple has no fat at all and has anti-inflammatory, purgative, antidepressant detoxifying properties, as well as an invigorating effect.

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What organs are involved in the physiological process of detoxification?

Doctors teach us that our kidneys, liver and intestines are the main "actors" in the normal physiological process of elimination of toxins, which takes place every day.

The kidneys are important organs that collect and remove toxins and waste products from the body.

liver it also has a very well-established function. It has to do with blood flow and does about the same thing, eliminating residual products that the body no longer needs, in the form of feces.

As for the digestive system, small intestine breaks down food, then helps blood flow to absorb the resulting nutrients. Then, large intestine it processes the remaining residual products and turns them into feces.

It is true, however, that certain factors (such as excessive alcohol consumption) can ultimately affect the body's ability to perform these functions.

Detoxification with juices

Nutritionists warn us that complete detoxification of the body is not done as fast as we think, but it can take months and even years in which we have a healthy diet and a controlled pace of life, ie to have a constant balance between the mind, body and soul. Detox involves several cleansing phases that must be followed by a healthy diet, otherwise all the effort in a detox cure may not help us much if we later have an unbalanced life. To help you with this, we have created a complete detoxification guide called & # 8222A guide to detoxification in 15 days & # 8221.

Our goal of getting rid of toxins must be in our minds daily, not just after the holidays or only in the spring when the greens appear. If you still want to follow a cure, for the beginning you can make short cures of 5-7-15 days. During this time, try to gradually eliminate cooked food from your diet, and start drinking 1-2 liters of green juices from many leaves, shoots and apples or other fruits accepted by your digestive system every day. When you are hungry, eat root and sprout salads, green salads, a fruit or twice a rich plate of various vegetables. After this step, only the juice cure can begin.

1. Follow a 5-7-15 day cure only with green juices as diverse and fresh as possible.
2. Help your skin breathe better and eliminate toxins more easily.
3. Clean your colon of accumulated debris over the years.
4. Be tolerant of your body and give it time to rest and eliminate toxins on its own.
5. Cleanse your mind of dark thoughts full of toxins.
6. Oxygenate your brain.

1. Follow a 5-7-15 day cure only with fresh juices!

You will be amazed at how full of energy natural juices are, fresh. I don't know how many of you have seen the movie, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (1 and 2), in which overweight or sick people go on juices for only 10-60 days and the results are amazing. Besides the fact that they visibly lost weight, they also had miraculous healings in the body. Throughout the period, they were monitored and tested at different intervals, and doctors were amazed how these people did not become anemic, without energy and strength. On the contrary, after analysis, all the nutrients in the body were in place, and the level of protein, minerals and vitamins was optimal. Therefore, I urge you to try and see on your own skin what raw juices can do for you.

Tip: Diversify fruits and leaves from day to day, and never eat the same raw foods. To each juice add at least 3-4 different leaves from day to day. Rotate them in such a way that they are never the same raw foods again, because the human body needs a great diversity of nutrients from day to day. Consume the juices immediately, as fresh as possible because then they contain the greatest amount of intact, non-oxidized nutrients.

2. Help your skin breathe better and eliminate toxins more easily!

The skin is the largest and largest organ owned by man and unfortunately is the one that absorbs over 70% of the chemicals it comes in contact with. Like any living organ it needs to breathe but there are many causes that prevent it from carrying out its activity. Below I will briefly present some of the causes.

Chemicals present in cosmetics and skin cleansers. The solution, buy or make your own cosmetics. Did you know that you can use honey or flax seeds instead of soap or shampoo? There are many options but we must look for solutions and thank God that there are many solutions on the internet.
Chemical detergents used for washing clothes based largely on chemical components are not completely removed when rinsing. By sweating and implicit watering of the fiber, the traces of detergent dissolve, being much easier to be absorbed by the wide open pores of the skin. The solution, use detergents as natural as possible and take great care with SLS, if there is one, it must be from vegetable sources and not of chemical origin, toxic for the body.

  • Synthetic clothes, treated with various chemicals that affect the normal functioning of the entire system (a future post dedicated to this topic follows). The solution, buy clothes made of fiber as natural as possible and wash any new clothes before wearing them. Read here an entire article on clothes that prevent the elimination of toxins.
  • Dry (dead) skin particles that must be removed by brushing the skin. This brushing will not only remove dry skin, but will also activate the detoxification process in the body and the results will be amazing. The solution, learn how to brush your skin before showering with a natural hair brush or a dry loofah sponge. Start with circular, slow movements of the toes moving toward the heart.

3. Clean your colon of residues accumulated over the years!

We never consume enough fiber and especially in consumers of animal products that are known to have no fiber, they remain with residues in the colon for a lifetime. I know it sounds weird, but if you go to a doctor who specializes in colon hydrotherapy you will be amazed at what you hear. Fiber pushes all the residues present in us and if it is not consumed in sufficient quantities it creates chronic constipation over time. Nutritionists say that we should have as many stools as we have meals a day, so after eating 3 meals you should normally have 3 stools.

It is known that the diseases of our century are caused primarily by the great problem of mankind, constipation. It is very simple, all the residues present in us are re-absorbed in time and the body self-intoxication occurs. If we do not get rid of these toxic residues, we will have voluntary self-poisoning every time.

The solution: eat raw vegetables, nuts and seeds rich in fiber and important nutrients that will help move the residues. Try delicious recipes and raw dishes that will impress you with their unique taste.

4. Be tolerant of your body and give it time to rest and eliminate toxins on its own!

Did you know that sleep before 12 at night is the best quality? It is known that 7-9 hours of sleep, especially before 12 o'clock, are the most appreciated hours of sleep. Each organ has its own time of relaxation and detoxification and just as an example, the detoxification of the liver starts around 22: 30-23 etc. If we do not have a deep sleep between those hours, we lose the most important stages for the normal functioning of the body in the fight against diseases and without wanting to, we keep all the toxins in our body.

The solution: make sure you have a bedtime program with the chickens. You will be night birds after that and you will wake up in the middle of the night full of energy and ready to work (especially for those who work on the computer).

5. Cleanse your mind of dark thoughts that bring acidity to your body!

Surround yourself with positive people and stay away from those who darken your soul with gossip and dissatisfaction. We are all overly transparent and unfortunately, we are and will always be what we think and words say a lot about the one who utters them. Don't be ashamed to tell those around you: & # 8222I'm sorry but I don & # 39; t want to hear that & # 8221. All these negative words will affect us even if we try to put them aside. They will follow us, dominate our minds and only hurt us. It is good to know that allowing and keeping them in our minds instantly transforms the pH of the human body, according to a study on this topic. The pH of a healthy body would be ideal to be neutral, but negative thoughts only neutralize an alkaline or neutral environment and turn it into an acidic environment, conducive to the development of abnormal cells and thus the disease.

The solution: refuse to hear words full of negativity and stay as far away from dark thoughts as possible! You will be a little happier and you will go through life easier.

6. Oxygenate your brain!

Over time, experts have concluded that people forget to breathe deeply or have enough oxygen in their chest. That is why we must re-learn to breathe. Stop during the day and breathe deeply at least 10 times every two to three hours. Oxygenate your brain and you will be able to solve even the most difficult problems much easier. Here are several reasons why you need to breathe from all angles.

3 days detox with juices

My new challenge for your health consists of 3 days of detox with juices.

My new The 3-day detox plan brings you rebalancing and healing in almost every disease, including cancer.

In case of severe diseases, successive diet periods are recommended (several groups of 10 days each), with a break of 3-5 days between two groups, during these breaks other foods can be consumed, easy to digest, but very nutritious. The regimen is repeated until the desired effect is obtained, ie the final elimination of the disease or imbalance.

I recommend you prescription , essential information , shopping lists and all you need for the 3 days.

After the patients are finished 3-day detox reported the following BENEFITS :

Don't forget the lemon water before breakfast.

The main purpose of this mixture is to start the elimination process and reduce bloating.

1 cup water
1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds
1 cup raspberries
1 banana
¼ spinach cup
1 teaspoon almond butter
2 teaspoons lemon juice

All the ingredients in this drink work together for maximum effect. Almond butter is rich in calcium, vitamin E and fat. Raspberries have vitamin C to help absorb iron from spinach.

Also, use probiotics for breakfast. This gives the body good intestinal bacteria to help cleanse.

Now we need to increase energy.

4 cubes of celery
1 cup green cabbage
1 cucumber
½ green sea
1 tablespoon coconut oil
Ime lime
½ cup of almond milk and 1 teaspoon of chlorella powder
1 cane pineapple

This drink is only about hydration.

½ mango cup
½ cup of blueberries
1 ½ cup of coconut water
1 cup kale kale
1/4 avocado

1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon ground flax seeds and 1 tablespoon chia seeds
cayenne pepper knife tip

Repeat any of the 3 purees for a snack.

During the day you can also serve cream soups from vegetables or salads without meat and without too many oils.

Food list for 3 purees per day

2 liters of coconut water

1 ½ cup of almond milk

It is very important to sweat to eliminate toxins, so I recommend you do sports, cardio (running, cycling, rollerblading, alert step) Sweating removes toxins from the body, and this is very important for detoxification, because some chemicals come out of the body this way.

Here is a bathroom idea that you can do every night of cleaning for maximum results.

Fill the tub with very hot water, put 10 drops of lavender, 2 ½ cups Epsom salt (bitter salt). Wait about 20-30 minutes

This activates the lymphatic system and eliminates toxins.

These salts are obtained by evaporation of mineral water or seawater. The name derives from a mineral spring in Epsom, Surrey. Until recently, these salts were administered as a spring purgative to cleanse the body of toxins that accumulated during the winter.

External use of Epsom salts is safe and highly effective. Among other things, these salts can be used to:

Relieving the pain caused by insect bites and removing splinters from the skin. Epsom salts remove toxins from the insect bite site and make it easier to remove chips from the skin. Put water over the salts so that a paste is formed and apply over the affected area usually, the effect is installed after 10 minutes. You can also add salts to the bath water to soften the skin, thus helping to remove chips from the skin.

Relief of muscle pain. An Epsom salt solution helps eliminate fluids from the body, helping to reduce edema in inflamed tissues. Because it removes fluids from the body, it also removes lactic acid, the substance that contributes to muscle pain. To relax them, add a cup or two of salt to the hot bath water.

Healing dislocations and contusions. Epsom salts reduce the inflammation caused by dislocations, as well as contusions. To do this, add two cups of salt to the warm bath water.

Relief of hemorrhoids. Because it helps reduce inflamed tissues, Epsom salts are also very good in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Add a small amount of salt and take a sitting bath.

After the 3 days of detoxification, the usual foods are slowly added back. Because the metabolism is restarted, so try to eat easily (salads, cream soups) after this detox. Keep one of the smoothies in your diet, if possible, for example, as an alternative to breakfast.

Focus and clarity were also the side effects of this program.

A detox diet increases your energy level, helps you focus better and solves your digestive problems. All you have to do is give up processed foods, sweets, pastries and unnatural juices, drink plenty of water and have the patience to prepare natural salads and juices.

Is a detox cure useful and effective? (In my opinion)

My problem with detox diets is that they make no sense and not only for a person who eats healthy in general, but because they have no scientific support and can even be dangerous. You should know that as much as our body suffers because of the toxins it is hit by, it has come to understand quite well at the elimination them naturally, so detoxification is anyway an ongoing process.

The liver breaks down any substance that does not fall into the category of food (such as drugs or food additives) so that they are eliminated by the kidneys, those that filter your blood and produce urine. Protection against harmful bacteria and pesticides in various foods offers you even your stomach.

Part with weight loss due to the detox diet it excites a lot of people but, unfortunately, it is not exactly what someone should want. This is mainly due caloric restrictions to which you are subjected to most detox diets or even the periods of starvation that an even harder detox cure requires. Of course you lose weight when you eat extremely little and give the body only calories for a minimum subsistence. As soon as you return to your former eating habits, you will see how the kilograms return and you will gain weight again. The only positive thing I could see is that you may end up changing your eating style, if it wasn't one of the healthiest.

Detox diets reduce bloating and this is a true one, I am not going to dispute it, but there are also favorable conditions here. Most detox diets focus on the consumption of fruit and vegetable juices or the simple consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, to which other liquids are added. For a person who normally consumes a lot of processed foods and low fiber, the choices in a normal detox diet will have a significant impact. Through dramatic increase in dietary fiber intake, you help your body fight constipation (and implicitly, bloating). But here too we are talking about a short-term effect.

Another benefit of detoxification cures is that they will give you energy. There are even two reasons why this happens, and one of them will really surprise you. The first reason you feel more energized is that you eliminated refined grains and processed products from your diet for a few days and increased the amount of fiber consumed, thus eliminating constipation. The second reason. It's just in your head! Specifically, it is a placebo effect. You strongly believe that a detox diet will give your body many benefits and, therefore, you will even make you feel better doing it. Let's just say that this is a real benefit that we can enjoy: the fact that it gives us a sense of satisfaction.

Eliminate the basic nutrient: proteins

Moreover, if you do not consume foods of organic origin, you risk not receiving who knows how many nutrients from vegetables and fruits in hypermarkets (if we think about how many insecticides they contain.) And more. generally eliminate one of the important nutrients in a detox diet: proteins! The real reason you can really feel better and energized is that you will no longer throw a bunch of poor quality food into your body, but will replace it with a healthier one that, no matter how organic or non-organic, they will still feed you better.

Reducing calories too much

Another problem I have with detox diets, as I mentioned before, is drastic calorie restriction which can lead to problems such as: bloating and stomach problems, fatigue, pain, bad breath.

The stars choose detoxification treatments

But considering that many people probably don't believe me then, after doing my duty to criticize detox diets, I also propose some methods that some will surely follow (especially since we have so many celebrities who promote detox , cleanse: Oprah, Beyonce, Anne Hathaway, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more.). If you still choose the option of a detox, do not extend it for more than 3 days!

Anyway, I also wrote an article on foods that detoxify the body, so why not offer the detox juices?

It is important to remember when we want to have a detox cure like this does not equate to a period of starvation, because you just don't want to deprive your body even more of the nutrients it needs, after as it is tormented by external environmental factors, but maybe also by certain culinary "sins" that have a detrimental effect on its health.

Celery and pineapple juice

Green juices have a number of benefits depending on the quantity and quality of ingredients used, the method of extraction and the eating habits that accompany this green juice.

Celery and pineapple juice

At the beginning of summer and autumn, I feel like green juices. In the summer I do not necessarily pursue the benefits of consumption (possible). I find in its consumption an alternative to hydration. In autumn, I make 10-day cures in which I consume more vegetable juices and smothies, in which I also add fruits to make them more palatable.

One of the favorite combinations: Celery and pineapple juice.

I choose the Apio variant (I even found it from the one cultivated in Hungary or Romania) or the celery stalks. I always wash them very, very well (sometimes with water + baking soda solution). Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits. I test its degree of ripeness by pulling a few leaves: if they shoot it means that it is ripe, if not, it means that I can consume it in about 5-6 days. I will end with a nice video in which you find out how to choose and how to cut the pineapple.

As an extraction method, I use a Tefal screw juicer. For those who are not used to consuming vegetable and fruit juices daily, I recommend buying them as a family (and then using it one at a time, if necessary, to your liking). Otherwise, buying a good juicer can be an inappropriate investment. I recommend buying a blender sooner.

Possible benefits of celery stalk

The ancient Greeks used celery to make wine. They served wine as a prize at sports games.

Celery contains antioxidants. Among the phytonutrients contained I mention: phenolic acids, flavonoids, phytosterols.

Celery contains vitamins and minerals such as: vitamin A, K, C, folate, potassium.

Possible health benefits:

I say possible because I have not found any study that proves the health benefits.

It is believed that it can cause drowsiness, can decrease fluid retention (by increasing the amount of urine), blood sugar and blood clotting, can treat joint pain, gout, nervousness. But there is not enough evidence for this.

Is celery good for everyone?

In the list of allergens, celery / celery is among the leaders. It seems to cause severe allergic reactions.

There are suspicions that the risk of bleeding may increase if consumed in medicinal quantities.

Levothyroxine interacts with celery substances. And daily consumption / administration of celery / celery preparations together with sedative drugs causes too much drowsiness.

RawCoco Workshop. & # 8222Lose weight with green juices and smoothies & # 8221

RawCoco Workshop. & # 8222Lose weight with green juices and smoothies & # 8221. A radiant appearance, energy, unbeatable immune system, no problem with extra pounds and a significant number of diseases kept at the door. How can all this be achieved? The most handy solution are green juices and smoothies, which can be consumed with pleasure by both vegetable consumers and those who do not consume vegetables at all. People who want a healthier diet, who have an emotional connection to food and eat food under stress, have problems with intestinal transit, weight problems or those who are convalescent will find unexpected help in juices and smoothies. green.

What are the healthiest and most effective combinations of vegetables, fruits, superfoods and seeds so that we can fully benefit from all the healing properties of a natural juice by cold pressing or green smoothie but also recipes that highlight these delicious drinks, we will discover them together at the workshop "Lose weight with green juices and smoothies."

Due to the intake of nutrients, vitamins and enzymes, especially the high chlorophyll content, green juices and smoothies are the simplest and healthiest way to reach the perfect weight. Along with weight regulation, a lot of imbalances in the body balance in the most natural way possible.

Who is this workshop for?

  • People who want to lose weight.
  • People who are in the transition to a healthier diet.
  • People who do not like vegetables at all and do not eat them at all (including children).
  • People who have intestinal transit problems.
  • People who don't eat anything in the morning.
  • People who have an emotional connection to food because it soothes anxiety.
  • People who have various ailments or convalescent people who need to recover.

What will we learn in the workshop?

  1. What is the intake of nutrients, vitamins, fiber, enzymes, chlorophyll in a green smoothie?
  2. The benefits of green smoothies.
  3. Brief history of the green smoothie.
  4. A green smoothie can change your life - testimonials from famous people).
  5. How to eat smart with green smoothies.
  6. Who are green smoothies for?
  7. How do green smoothies help us lose extra pounds?
  8. We will learn the principles of the healthy combination of vegetables / fruits in a juice or smoothie, so that each participant will be able to prepare their own recipes at home.
  9. Recipes & # 8211 we will prepare 10 green juices and smoothies
  10. We will learn to use professional equipment, of the best quality. Thus we will understand how important are the devices with which we prepare juices and smoothies. We will use the Kuvings cold press juicer and the Vitamix blender

All this, but also many other information related to healthy nutrition will be found among the topics of the workshop "Lose weight but green juices and smoothies". Knowledge brings added value when it is put into practice, so when we experience it! So, let's experiment in the raw vegan universe together!

Additional Information:

Date: November 4, 2015, between 18.00 - 22.00 /time: 4 hours

Limited places: maximum 10 people

investment: 500 lei

Location: RAWCOCO, Str. Constantin Aricescu, Nr. 50A, Sect.1

How to register. Registration can be done by purchasing and booking the place here: Register Online

As places are limited, we consider it valid to register for the workshop by paying in full the participation or an advance of 50%. Goal. for additional information: 0743.032.228

The workshop is supported by Anca Alungulesei, founder of RawCoco, nutritionist and specialist in raw-vegan desserts and therapeutic vegetable and fruit juice programs. Here's how it was at last month's interactive workshop, which I organized at RawCoco & # 8222Dairy and Raw Vegan Cheeses & # 8221.

The benefits of natural juices

The benefits of natural juices are mainly the same as those of the fruits and vegetables from which they are prepared. However, the squeezing process adds other qualities to the drinks. You can combine several types of fruits and vegetables, you can peel and, last but not least, a drink is easier to eat and digest than natural fruits and vegetables. Here are the most important benefits of consuming natural juices:

They improve the immune system

All fruits and vegetables frequently used in natural juices prepared at home are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, which makes them ideal for the health of our body and offers high protection against many ailments we face in our daily lives. .

Contributes to the health of the cardiovascular system

The same antioxidants that are found in abundance in fruit and vegetable juices have an important effect in fighting free radicals, dangerous substances that affect the arteries and lead, in severe cases, to cardiovascular disease. The chemical compounds also help control blood pressure and help reduce the level of triglycerides in the blood.

Helps the digestive system

Natural juice is easier to digest than unsalted fruits and vegetables, which is a benefit in itself, especially for people who have digestive problems. In addition, after preparing the juice, all the fibers that have no nutritional value and would hinder digestion are eliminated. And some vegetables, including cabbage and tomatoes, have direct beneficial effects on the digestive tract.

Role in detoxifying the body

Some substances found in fruits and vegetables, such as antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamins C and E or riboflavin, play an important role in the body, because they help eliminate toxins from the blood and contribute to the health of the liver, one of the vital organs of the human body. .

Detox juice recipes

"The constitution of the human body has not changed to adapt to the new conditions of the artificial environment that replaced the natural one. The result is a disagreement between man and his environment. The effect of this disagreement is a continuous deterioration of the human body, whose symptoms are called diseases. "

Professor Hilton Hotema

Carrots and cucumbers

  • 3-4 carrots
  • 1 cucumber
  • ½ beets
  • ½ lemon
  • 1 piece of ginger

Beets help cleanse the liver
Generally, man has about 4.5 liters of blood in his body, but 4 times more lymph. Lymph bathes every cell. Because the blood brings and takes toxins from the lymph directly, the detoxification process begins when the blood becomes thinner than the lymph, helping the toxins trapped in the lymph to go into the blood to be removed from the body. The principle of diffusion says that things move from areas with high concentration to areas with lower concentration.

Cucumber and beets

  • 1 cucumber
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 beet
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 1 handful of parsley
  • ½ lemon

Cucumber and celery are natural diuretics

When someone radiates health and vitality, he no longer extracts vitality from the rest of humans, animals and plants. This is due to the diffusion of its increased energy from places with high concentration to places with low concentration. As this energy spreads, a magnetism is created that manifests itself in the form of charisma. A clean, healthy body is charismatic, bright, beautiful.

Red with green leaves!

2 tomatoes
2 lettuce leaves
2 ridichi
4 strands of parsley
½ lemon

Everything that is green nourishes our cells and detoxifies them

Remember that the human body is constantly recreated from air, water, food and thoughts. Studiile arata ca 98% din atomii din corp sunt complet inlocuiti in doar 2 ani. In 7 ani tot corpul este inlocuit. Este incredibil, in doar cativa ani poti sa-ti reconstruiesti corpul cu material nou nout si de calitate, te poti regenera in totalitate.

Amestec crud

Urina in general este o reflectie excelenta a sangelui urina este de fapt sange purificat. Cu cat este mai tulbure urina, cu atat mai multe toxine sunt scoase din corp. Urina clara, limpede este un semn al sangelui curat la acel moment.

Video: Detox smoothie με ανανά