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Baked Proscutto legs

Baked Proscutto legs

Many times we think about what to cook so fast to be good and tasty .... do we want a lot like that? I am here to present you some recipes a little different, that is, healthier and very tasty recipes that even bodybuilders can consume because if you consume them as they are presented by me in pictures without and maybe you will not gain weight and you will feel very well ... Let's start.

  • Boneless thighs 1 kg
  • Sliced ​​raw product 200 g
  • Pepper
  • Paprika
  • Salt
  • spices that you like for chicken, but I don't recommend you to take ready-made mixtures and other unhealthy ones from the store.

Servings: 5

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Proscutto legs in the oven:

Take the boned thighs, wash them under a little cold water, then let them drain for 2-3 minutes. In the meantime, we prepare a mixture of spices that you like for chicken, I used hot paprika, white pepper, salt and hot ground pepper. Sprinkle the thighs well with this mixture on both sides. Do not use a lot of salt in the mixture with the tip of a knife because the prosciutto is salty. We take each pulp separately and glue on it the thin slices of raw prosciutto and roll them as little as possible so that they are like a bongarel :).

Oven heated to 200 degrees for 40 min

We place the thighs on a grill in the oven and put a tray down to drain the fat in it. Place the thighs nicely in the oven and leave them there for 35-40 minutes, until they are ready.

It goes great with a vegetable salad and a slightly spicy sauce

Great appetite! Stay healthy!

Ingredients Rice with baked chicken legs

  • 250g long grain rice
  • 7-8 chicken legs (can be lower, upper or whole, in which case there will be less than 7)
  • 1 onion
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • 700 ml chicken or vegetable soup (water in their absence)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric
  • for seasoning chicken legs: 1/2 teaspoon paprika, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon thyme, 1/2 teaspoon granulated garlic, a pinch of salt
  • fresh parsley
  • homemade sausages (optional)

Delicious baked meatballs, what kind of meat do we use, what kind of yogurt?

For the chicken, I chose the lower thighs because they are very tasty, they are cheaper than chicken breast and they are not so bland. In addition, the fact that they are made of bone gives them even more flavor. You can also use upper thighs or even wings. This recipe for chicken legs with yogurt can also be used successfully for a whole chicken, cut in half on the spine. For yogurt, you can use any natural yogurt you have at home. Sana, kefir or whipped milk work just as well. Even sour cream can be used if needed. For an even better taste, leave the thighs to marinate for at least an hour. The more you leave them, the more fragrant and tender they will be.

When you are ready to cook these chicken legs with yogurt, all you have to do is put them in a tray and put them in the oven. But do not put all the yogurt marinade. If you put it all on, the thighs will no longer brown, but will boil in liquid. You can then add your favorite gasket. You can make a pilau or even some rustic potatoes. You can only opt for a salad or simply a sauce. Leave the legs in the oven until they are well penetrated and nicely browned! However, make sure they are well cooked inside. I sincerely hope you like this recipe, try it at the first opportunity.

Baked Chicken Legs with Potatoes - RECIPE BOOK

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Baked chicken legs with potatoes - NOTEBOOK WITH RECIPES

1 kg chicken legs1 kg potatoes3-4 tablespoons broth3-4 tablespoons olive oil chilli pepper, peppercorns

Baked chicken legs with potatoes - NOTEBOOK WITH RECIPES

We wash the thighs and cut them. We clean the potatoes, wash them and cut them into cubes. Sprinkle the tray with 3-4 tablespoons of oil and place the thighs and potatoes in the pan. Place a bay leaf in place and season with salt, pepper, thyme and paprika to taste.

Fill with water just enough to cover them and put in the oven.

Baked chicken legs with potatoes - NOTEBOOK WITH RECIPES

When they reach about half the cooking time, turn the meat over and add the broth.

Baked chicken legs with potatoes - NOTEBOOK WITH RECIPES

Bake until the meat turns brown and the potatoes are well done.

Baked chicken legs with potatoes - RECIPE BOOK

It is a simple food, but very tasty and very appreciated especially by children.

Baked chicken legs with potatoes - RECIPE BOOK

Baked chicken legs with potatoes - RECIPE BOOK

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Hi! I discovered your blog in December last year and I really liked it. I tried the fancy roll recipe only because I didn't have spinach and I put lettuce but it turned out very good and so, that is, it was eaten and praised. I keep an eye on your blog and as many interesting recipes as possible. Dear Mihaela AdrianaAnswer

Anonymous January 9, 2013 11:02 AM

At noon I come to you because this dad is very good!

Rocsy Ciobanu January 9, 2013 11:22 AM

and I introduce myself to another lunch when you repeat the recipe, the last pulpit looks wonderful. answer

yaya6 January 9, 2013 3:12 PM

bunbun rau, micsa speranta [email protected]

hope January 10, 2013 06:41

It's the first time I do it, I'm a young mother, I hope I like my 3-year-old baby, is it necessary to cover the tray with aluminum foil?

Baked chicken legs with potatoes - NOTEBOOK WITH RECIPES

If you cover the tray with aluminum foil, there is no need for so much water and the thighs will not brown so nicely, it takes less time to cook.

Anonymous June 7, 2013 11:26 AM

it didn't work out for me as it is here I don't know what I did wrong but I'm not very happy with myself: (Answer

Anonymous June 19, 2013 4:18 PM

the test is the mother of learning1 I didn't get much out of the first attempt either, it's important not to give up and persevere!

Postolache Violeta September 15, 2013 11:21

what is the germination time? I am very receptive. When do I reach half the time for budding? After how many minutes?

Anonymous September 9, 2013 11:52 PM

it's hard for me to give you time, it depends a lot on the square's oven, on the type, their carto, on the meat. It's best to taste, and you'll figure it out

Postolache Violeta September 15, 2013 11:18

it looks very know for beginners it would be very good to know exactly the time and degrees of the oven, you understand..I tell you honestly that I don't try the recipe if I don't have these matters a lot..I think you should look at the clock when I cook almost constructive comment..I have no bad intentions to know..Answer

Anonymous September 24, 2013 1:17 PM

Unfortunately, I don't have a chance to tell you the grades, I still have an old type stove. And as for the time explained in other recipes, having an old type stove, even if I tell you that I kept the tray for half an hour, on your stove for half an hour maybe too much or less. With all good will,

Postolache Violeta September 24, 2013 15:49

Baked chicken legs with potatoes - NOTEBOOK WITH RECIPES

these details are hard for me to give, after I will buy a more modern stove I hope to remedy this situation :)

You are right. I also read the recipe carefully and I kept waiting for these data to appear somewhere because they are essential. I would like to try it too, but it's really impossible to get it right

alina dumitru January 6, 2014 12:40 p.m.

Why are they essential? It's an extremely simple recipe, set the oven to 180 degrees, let's say, and then summer, but from time to time when you see what it looks like, you will surely realize when it's ready!

Postolache Violeta January 06, 2014 13:49

the recipe is not complete delok I am 17 years old and I made the recipe yesterday and I was excellent I love cooking and I am proud to say that I started at the age of 11 with my grandmother: DRspundei

Anonymous February 1, 2014 10:34 AM

I am very happy to hear this, and as a child I also learned with my grandmother :) Postolache Violeta 08 February, 2014 09:01

Bravoooo is a very simple recipe but as simple as it is tasty and for those who ask for time and degrees laxative than those so hard to see horses with a fork meat and carto and Mrs. violet bravoo and ms for the recipes you offer us Ps. I have 21 deans and I have loved cooking for a short time. I realized that this is where I find myself. A simple tip from a kid like me PUT THE SOUL IN EACH. WHICH MEAL, THE SOUL IS THE MAIN INGREDIENT

vlady matei April 7, 2014 11:24 AM

I don't think this recipe can be cooked just because it's not specific how long. any woman knows what a cooked meat looks like, how long she has to leave it in the oven, really the type of oven matters a lot, I have a classic stove and I don't think I'm in the mood to make a food just because it's not specific how long . So the ladies who say that they don't cook at random just because they don't get blackberries in their mouths, would do well to sit in the pan before criticizing :). Violeta you have some wonderful recipes, I have already tried some of them, further success!

Roxana Sandu April 22, 2014 15:48

I am 17 years old and I have to make my older brother's cravings. And for the first time when I cook (I do something easier and anonymous June 13, 2014 20:23

Baked chicken legs with potatoes - NOTEBOOK WITH RECIPES

I am Vio and thank you for visiting. I hope you felt good and managed to find inspiration between the pages of this virtual notebook! If you have already tried my recipes, you can send me a photo on the email of [email protected] or enter the facebook page of the blog and post a photo of the preparation made by you. If you didn't like something or a recipe didn't work out , with great pleasure and together we can find the cause of your failure. My request is that we keep an elementary limit of common sense, offensive and bad taste comments I reserve the right not to publish them!

quickly) my brother liked it madly (and he is very pretentious usually) .. Thank you very much, in a way my mother saved me panavine at home :)) Answer

I cook from an early age, from the age of 14 I was already making my first turkey pressed under the car's wheels. A delicacy came out, my grandmother beat me for it. My father was a little late when he said I stole the car keys. What to say about this recipe is good. But I tried to do them separately and it turned out really ok. (I fried the carton and the cider separately, I ate them with two eggs and garlic sauce) Answer

Anonymous January 27, 2015 2:22 PM

Super simple and tasty. For me it took about 1 hour and 10 minutes electric oven with hot air 180 degrees

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Recipe lamb legs with wine in the oven

Try the recipe baked lamb meat with potatoes or vegetables and you will get a festive Easter meal to please the whole family. Sure success even without marinating in advance.

Lamb meat has a specific taste and aroma. In my opinion, it's a shame to "mask" this special taste with sour cream, mayonnaise or other additives. If you don't like the taste - give up lamb and prepare other meat recipes, see here.

Did you know that in fact, the smell pronounced of honey is it due to fat? So if you want to reduce the smell, then removes fat. However, keep in mind that without fat, the meat will be drier.

IMPORTANT: Use only commercial wine to prepare this baked lamb recipe. Homemade wine could strengthen the meat and give a dark shade.

What you need for lamb legs with wine, garlic and baked lemon:

3 lamb thighs of about 1.4 kg I used thighs from a 5.5 kg lamb
1 tablespoon without top salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
3 sprigs of rosemary
80 ml white wine
oil 80 ml
4 cloves chopped garlic
the juice of a medium lemon

How to prepare the recipe for baked lamb legs with wine, lemon and garlic?

  1. Wash and dry the lamb with a paper napkin.
  2. Season the meat with salt and pepper. Add chopped garlic, lemon juice, oil and rosemary. If you have time, let the meat marinate with this mixture overnight, but I assure you that a tender and soft meat comes out without marinating it beforehand.
  3. Then add the wine and mix the pieces of meat well. Place the meat in the pan.

5. Send the meat to the preheated oven at 200° for 30 min, up and down heating mode, without fan. Then, reduce the temperature 180° and cover with baking paper or aluminum foil. IMPORTANT: Bake for another 2 hours. Importantly, every 20 minutes, sprinkle the meat with the sauce in the pan so that it does not dry out. Eventually, you can turn it over.

Note: I covered the tray with baking paper, so this allowed the meat to evaporate in some places, but also to brown nicely. If you cover with aluminum foil, you may not get the same effect. If the meat is ready, but not browned, then uncover the tray and let it brown for the last 10-20 minutes.

I hope this recipe for lamb legs in the oven and will be found in your holiday menu.

In case you prepared the recipe, put pictures on Stories and give me a tag to see how it turned out!

You can always find me on my Facebook or Instagram page. There, they share different ideas for healthy eating and lifestyle.


Preparation of chicken legs: We wash and clean the chicken legs well. We salt the thighs and place them in the tray with which we put them in the oven. Sprinkle them with ground black pepper and pour the tomato sauce over them. Spread the cleaned and sliced ​​garlic evenly in the pan.
Cover the tray with aluminum foil and put it in the oven until the meat starts to crack easily. Then remove the aluminum foil and move the oven to the grill stage.
Throughout the baking period, from time to time we sprinkle the thighs with the sauce from the tray. When the thighs are browned as we like, turn off the heat and serve.

Preparation of mashed potatoes: We clean the potatoes and cut them into cubes. We boil them in salted water. When the potatoes are cooked (enter the fork easily), drain the water and add the butter (about a 2-finger wide piece). Mix and gradually add milk until the puree is fluffy and not very soft. At the end we add the cream to become even fluffier. We also add salt.

These baked chicken legs with tomato and garlic sauce are served hot with mashed potatoes. They are delicious!

Baked thighs

8 lower legs of chicken
2 teaspoons topped ground peppers in oil (if you don't have homemade pasta, you can use commercial hot or sweet pepper paste: Edes Ann, Eros Pista or a mixture of the two, depending on how spicy your thighs are)
4 large cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
1 teaspoon grated sugar
2 tablespoons Tabasco Chipotle sauce
2 tablespoons oil
2 tablespoons vinegar (I used apples)
salt, black pepper

Mashed potatoes with Stilton

4 medium potatoes
25 gr blue Stilton cheese
100 ml of hot milk
salt, black pepper

400 gr frozen spinach (whole leaves)
2 teaspoons olive oil
salt, lemon juice

Servings: 4
500 calc / portion

1) In a bowl, mix the meat with the olive oil, wine, herbs and half of the rosemary.

Season and marinate for approx. 1 or .2) Cut potatoes into cubes. In a vessel for put the chicken with the marinade in the oven. Season the potatoes with salt, pepper and saffron and bake with the meat. D in the oven for 20 minutes, meanwhile turn and sprinkle the meat with the sauce formed.

It turned out absolutely delicious melts in your mouth :) Good appetite!

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