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VIDEO: A-Z Food Tries Georgian Cuisine

VIDEO: A-Z Food Tries Georgian Cuisine

The team tackles khinkali, giant dumplings filled with meat. Yes

About A-Z Food: In this video series, Alastair Humphreys and Tom Kevill-Davies eat around London to find one restaurant from a nation for each letter of the alphabet. Check out A-Z Food: France here.

London travelers Humphreys and Kevill-Davies take on Georgian cuisine next, a type of food often raved about by their friends. On the menu at Tamada, a Georgian restuarant in northwest London, were ispanaxi (steamd mashed spinach with onions), sacivi (chicken in walnut sauce), and khachapuri, a cheese-filled griddle-baked flatbread. But the best dish? Khinkali, giant flour dumplings filled with minced pork, beef, onions, and herbs, housing a broth that requires careful eating. Read the full review here.

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Beach Bites with Katie Lee

Katie Lee is on a mission to find the best beach food along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. The Biloxi Bay Bridge connects historic beach town Biloxi to Ocean Springs, an artistic community that's becoming a hot spot for eclectic, diverse restaurants, and Katie finds that there's great food waiting to be discovered from one end of the bridge to the other. She starts with seafood gumbo made with crab straight out of the local waters, fishes for one of her meals, and samples some soul food that's not your typical beach cuisine. Down-home barbecue is a must-have for food lovers in the South, so Katie digs into the best ribs below the Mason-Dixon Line. Chicory coffee, homemade buttery biscuits and refreshing ice pops round out a perfect culinary tour of the Mississippi coast.

The Pacific Coast Highway

Katie Lee is hitting California's famed Pacific Coast Highway to find delicious, international beach food in a beautiful coastal setting. In Monterey, she discovers rich Italian influences in cioppino with local Dungeness crab. Then she finds an almond croissant in Carmel that makes her think she's been transported to France. Mexican fare in California is always authentic and unbeatable, and Katie samples a perfect pork mole, smooth Mezcal and a Mexican specialty snack, grasshoppers! She can't leave wine country without pairing some vino with local seafood, and sweet treats like fudge and candy apples are always in order.

Tybee Island

Katie Lee heads to Tybee Island, Georgia, a barrier island just 18 miles southeast of culinary mecca Savannah. The small island is full of big flavors, and Katie starts her exploration with perfectly sweet local shrimp and a spicy blackened fish hoagie at a restaurant so beloved that the locals rallied to keep it open. She's introduced to "hog wings," a local version of hot wings that trade the chicken for pork, and she dives into the local specialty, oysters, that are so nice, she tries them twice -- roasted and baked with collards and bacon. Katie finishes off her visit with ice cream cookie sandwiches and deep-fried strawberries that represent what the South is all about.

The Bahamas

Katie Lee jaunts just off the coast of Florida to the most accessible, populated and food-centric island in the Bahamas, New Providence, and the city of Nassau. Conch is a staple here, so Katie can't turn down the freshest conch salad, and local specialties like hog snapper, chicken patties and a Bahama Mama cocktail also represent the island culture. Local spices give barbecue a uniquely Bahamian twist, and a Louisiana family is bringing N'awlins Creole to these majestic isles. Katie wraps things up with a true island classic, the Guava Duff, for dessert.

The South Carolina Coast

A number of quaint beach towns along the South Carolina coast are leading a revolution in Lowcountry cuisine, and Katie Lee finds the best beach bites in Sullivan's Island, Mt. Pleasant, Isle of Palms and Folly Beach. She starts at a hot spot that's elevating the classic Lowcountry boil by turning it into chowder. She also discovers a restaurant that lures skeptics in with typical beach fare and flips the script with perfect Korean cuisine. A breakfast pit stop converts Katie into a devotee after she samples crab cakes eggs Benedict and banana bread French toast. And it's not a visit to the Lowcountry without fresh shrimp, fried chicken, a cocktail and some gelato!

Catalina Island

An hour off the coast of Southern California, Catalina Island may be small, but it offers a microcosm of classic California cuisine. Katie Lee lands on Catalina and heads to historic Mt. Ada for a juicy lamb burger with a view. Local vegetables rule in California, and when they're paired with wine, Katie discovers they're even better. California's Mexican influence is present in a plate of perfect nachos right on the water, and Katie tries the sweet flavor of Pacific spiny lobsters that differ from Maine lobsters in one major way -- no claws! Katie rounds out her visit with bacon muffins, chocolate turtles and Buffalo Milk, a cocktail only available on Catalina.

Randy Owen's Coconut Cake

Cake: Prepare cake mix as directed on box. Pour into (2) round cake pans. Bake as directed. Cool cake completely before putting icing on cake.

Icing: In double boiler, get water to boiling point, then turn down to simmer. Place all ingredients except the vanilla and coconut milk in top boiler and beat with mixer for 7 minutes till slightly stiff. Then add the vanilla and continue to beat to desired stiffness.

Get first layer round cake and place on cake platter. Take straw and punch holes in first layer of cake. Pour a little coconut milk in the holes. Then spread the frosting on the first layer. Apply grated coconut on top of first layer. Then place second layer on top of first layer and punch holes in top layer with straw. Pour coconut milk in top layer. You do not have to use the whole can as you don't want to make the cake soggy. Spread remaining frosting on top layer and then shake on the grated coconut.

CALIFORNIA: Dulan's Soul Food Kitchen in Los Angeles

Dulans SFK/ Facebook

SoCal may be more known for its kale smoothies than for its fried chicken, but Adolf Dulan's kitchen brings all the soulful guilty pleasures to LA—and in huge portions, to boot. If you want to check it out, one reviewer recommends ordering online, as the line is usually pretty long.

Easy Three-Ingredient Recipes

A trio of ingredients is all it takes to whip up these simple and delicious appetizers, cocktails and more .

Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Matt Armedariz ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Adrian Mueller ©2012, Adrian Mueller /, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Marshall Troy ©2012,Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Drink Up ©2012, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Fresh Ricotta Crostini

In just half an hour, you can turn milk, lemon juice and a little salt into velvety homemade ricotta.

Bacon-Wrapped Dates, Three Ways

Don’t be fooled by their size — these tiny morsels are loaded with big flavors. Wrap the chewy dates in slices of uncured bacon and stuff with crunchy almonds, spicy chorizo or sharp Manchego cheese to balance out the sweetness.

Caprese Poppers

Turn this classic three-item salad into a fun hand-held snack by skewering together cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls and fresh basil. As with the on-a-plate original, quality ingredients are key.

Smoked Salmon Tartine

Thanks to the simple list of ingredients — bread, smoked salmon and lemon — David Rocco’s elegant tartines are quick to assemble, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests.

Sashimi Siciliano: Sicilian Sashimi

In an Italian twist on Japanese sashimi, David Rocco seasons thinly sliced tuna with olive oil and a zesty, lemon-infused sea salt.

Peppery Chickpeas

Toss protein-packed chickpeas in olive oil, Italian seasoning and ground red pepper for a filling snack or salad topping.

Pane, Burro e Zucchero: Bread, Butter and Sugar

A sprinkling of brown sugar adds an unexpected sweet flourish to your typical bread-and-butter starter.

Roasted Garlic Spread

Use two pantry staples — garlic and crushed red pepper flakes — to transform a plain ol' baguette into a fancy, party-ready app.

Homemade Butter

Armed with two types of dairy and a mixer, you can whip up tangy, creamy butter at home — no churning necessary.

Parmesan and Poppy Seed Lollipops

Looking for a canape that’ll impress guests? Try this whimsical lollipop, made of flaky discs of salty Parmesan with nutty poppy and sesame seeds.

Honey and Cheese

Hosting an impromptu gathering? Top chunks of Grana Padano or Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese with honey and walnuts to create a sweet-salty appetizer that’s ready in five minutes flat.

Antipasto di Ricotta: Simple Ricotta Antipasto

Don’t be surprised if this no-fuss dip becomes your new go-to appetizer. The lemon-infused ricotta is perfect for spreading on crostini, crackers and crudites.

Bruschetta with Gorgonzola Cheese and Honey

Just a small drizzle of honey is enough to complement the salty taste and creamy texture of Gorgonzola cheese.

Sausage and Stracchino Cheese Crostini

Any seasoned host will tell you that crostini are one of the easiest and most-versatile appetizers. This recipe calls for a topping of sausage and stracchino, but you can use any combination of meats and cheeses.

Quick and Easy Pickles

With Alex Guarnaschelli’s recipe for quick pickling, you’ll be able to turn any vegetable or fruit into bright, acidic ingredients that will last through the seasons.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Ching-He Huang gives this classic Thanksgiving side some Asian flair by seasoning the sweet potatoes with cumin and Szechuan peppercorns.

Grilled Corn with Five-Spice and Lime

Roger Mooking takes grilling to the next level with Chinese five-spice powder — a flavorful blend of cinnamon, clove, fennel, star anise and Szechuan peppercorns — which he sprinkles on just about everything, including batons of sweet charred corn.

Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Creamy, comforting and ready in under an hour, this lovely veggie soup is the perfect meal for chilly weeknights.

Baked French Fries

Crisping French fries in the oven not only creates less of a mess — no hot oil splattering all over the stove — but also is healthier.

Fried Eggs with Truffles

Take this breakfast favorite up a notch with earthy black truffle shavings.

Scrambled Eggs

Michael Symon’s trick for a fluffy scramble? Remove the eggs from the pan while they’re still a little wet so the nuggets stay soft and don't overcook.

Grapefruit Salad with Honey-Mint Dressing

Brunch is often loaded with heavy standbys like eggs Benedict and French toast. If you’re looking for a lighter way to start the day, try Bobby Flay’s refreshing grapefruit salad, which balances the fruit’s tartness with a sweet, minty honey.

Lime Granita with Watermelon

No ice cream machine? No problem! This snow-cone-like treat doesn’t require any fancy mixers or ingredients — just sugar, water, juice and a fork. You can flavor the base with any type of fruit, but zippy lime is the perfect counterpoint to sweet cubes of watermelon.

Gelato Affogato

Cap your meal in true Italian fashion with this caffeinated dessert, which features scoops of vanilla gelato floating in a shot of steamy espresso.

Strawberries with Balsamic Vinegar

By dousing strawberries in tart balsamic vinegar, David Rocco enhances the berries’ vibrant red hue and fruity sweetness.

Slow-Baked Honey Wine Pears

Laura Calder’s beautiful baked pears are worth the wait — cooking the fruit low and slow in red wine gives it a stunning crimson color.

Grilled Apricots with Goat Cheese

Throwing apricots on the grill caramelizes the fruits’ natural sugars and imbues them with a smoky aroma. Follow in Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos’ footsteps and simply top them with goat cheese, or layer them on other sweet treats, like ice cream.

Coriander Spumante with Lime

Fresh coriander imparts an herbaceous edge to this light summer cocktail made with sparkling white wine.

Champagne Cocktail

At your next celebration, dress up the flutes of bubbly with sugar cubes and Angostura bitters to create this classic champagne cocktail.

Classic Egg Cream

Boasting a combination of sweet chocolate syrup, bubbly seltzer and frothy chilled milk, it’s no surprise that this traditional soda fountain drink has endured the test of time.

Beer Float-Your-Boat Cocktail

Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark use an intense chocolate stout to balance out the decadent sweetness of dulce de leche ice cream.

Fresh Strawberry Bellini

Mario Batali revamps this classic brunch cocktail by swapping peaches for another sweet summer fruit: strawberries.

Rusty Nail

Some drinks never go out of style — like this handsome quaff that blends Scotch whiskey with Drambuie, a honey-sweetened Scotch liqueur.

Eating A to Z

mushrooms, pears,raspberrys, stawberries, mangoes, pine nuts, cherries, olives,
cottage cheese, tuna, refried beans, bell pepers, salmon, pine apple, sweet potatos, rice cakes, gonbonzo beans, pinto beans

Nox nox

September 28, 2012 at 12:17 pm


November 21, 2012 at 1:22 pm

Ube: purple yams
Udder: the mammary gland of the domestic cow served as tripe in the North of England where it is known as elder
Udi’s Bread: gluten free bread
Udon Noodles: thick Japanese noodles
Ugli fruit
Uglies Biscuits
Ukrainian Rolls
Umbrella fruit
Umeboshi plums: preserved and delicious little Japanese plums used an accompaniment to food
Unagi: a type of fish roll
Unleavened bread
Unsweetened chocolates
Upma: a south Indian
Xanthones (contained in the mangosteen fruit. They are commonly used for medicinal purposes.)
X-cat-ik chillies (light yellow fresh chillies very hot and typically left whole to flavour prepared meat and fish dishes)
Xacuti masala (Indian delicacy prepared with marinated meat or fish and mixed spices)
Xalwa a somali (cornflour paste)
Xanthan gum (thickener for food, emulsifier, foaming agent, gelling agent, stabilizer, suspending agent, and whipping agent)
Xavier souppe (classic Italian soup)
Xavier steak (American steak dish)
Xerem de Fiesta (dish from Cape Verde, Africa)
Xom tum (very hot and spicy Thai dish)
Xouba (small, sardinelike fish found near Spain)
Xtra (brand of gum)
Xylitol (humectant, moisture-retaining agent, nutritive sweetener)
Xtreme Candy
Xtreme hot sauce.
Xi gua (Chinese watermelon)
X-Factor (energy drink)
XO sauce
Xanthren (herb)
xanthareel.. it’s a yellow eel used in medicinal foods.
also xiphias, which is swordfish.
xian hamburger
xanthum gum
Xanthan gum- is an addtive to foods.
Xia-Chinese shrimp
Xia Mi-Chinese dried shrimp
Xiang Cai-Chinese for corriander
Xiangcaojing-Chinese for vanilla
Xiangchang-Chinese for sausage
Xiangjiao-Chinese for banana
Xinag jun-Chinese for black dried mushroom
xianrou – Chinese for bacon
xiaodianxin – Chinese for cookies
xiaonijurou – Chinese for veal
xihongshi – Chinese for tomato
xi mi fen – Chinese for tapioca flour
xingzi – Chinese for apricot
xiphios -Greek for swordfish
xocolatl – Ancient Aztec for chocolate
xouba – small, sardinelike fish found near Spain Please state that I have not made these up
Xinomavro Grapes
Xanthan Gum,
Xavier Soup

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Well, you should come to Indonesia and taste the rich flavor of our food.. :)

Your food looks cool and good I hope I try it in my life

Oh Wow, they are very amazing.
You will welcome to Sri Lanka to taste our foods.

I’ve heard good things about your foods, but sadly I can not enter the country with my Israeli passport.

good that you can not… Proud of this country

why bro why u gats to kill our country and dsesrtuoy me life pls stop be so negative about ffooood man chill your chilly bin go gets da life u may off once hadd so so go to dat go gets dq posative message to shw the new geteration thattsc right go do dat dont say dat bat word it nasty.

pls do not say rude words like this because children might be watching this website

don’t represent my country like that, ass.

bitch plz thats the way this country should work. people sholdn’t be allowed to enter unless they take the citizenship test and have all the rightcridentals

U stupid prick,u dont represent indonesian

You can come to Turkey. We will be glad to see you.

You can go to indonesia! You only need to apply for a visa, because the Indonesian government does not prohibit Israeli citizens to visiting Indonesia.
Sorry for my bad english?

How could you miss INDIAN food dude….i dont mean to say the ones your tried are bad…but you should try Indian dishes once..

Yeah, true, you should try Indian Food. Its delicious!!

yes, definitely real delicious indian food i’ve taste…. curry with parota..

uhh yeah I’ve only tried Indian food once but its really good and yes that does look like KFC

ikr. but chinese is by far my fave meal.

I love how he responded to Israeli and Iran, etc… but when we said India he did not comment…shame, Indian cuisine is renounced by whole world and he is sadly missing out…

Our Indian dishes are a combo of all flavours tastes and emotions and in my view it can be considered as the world’s best dish and even the Chinese food more in India is tastier than China

Chinese food in India is better than in China?
Oh please.Speaking as someone who’ve never been to China.I really don’t feel surprised an indian would say this.

Tell me about it! Indian food is AMAZING! The food is unlike anywhere else.

Please keep that with you P.L.Travers… nobody interested to know what you hate or love..

james shut pits called freedom of speech learn it or get out of the u.s. and never come back

And i hate the fact that you won sperm race

They should also do Indian

He true wait until you taste rendang, empek-empek, etc

Indonesian food is the best, and I live in US. Donuts pic for USA? LOL

But I think you had better come to my country (IRAN) and meet persian foods. That kebab you noticed from Armenia is our original and national food. But there are alot of other delicious foods like fava beans with best tasty iranian rice including fried and grilled piece of lamb’s muscle.

You’re right.Iranian local foods can attract a lot of tourists.

As with Indonesia, I can not enter Iran with my passport. But maybe in the future. I know Persian foods are supposed to be amazing.

Regev maybe you can make indonesian food yourself… Its easy :)

You could find Indonesian food in the US or the UK.. Some Indonesian restaurants are available there.. Good to know you’re interested in Indonesian food :)

You surely hate that man! SOMALIA?

Please come to our India to taste different kind of food’s in different States, spicy food and non as well and lot more…

Seriously you should come and visit India and taste the food of different states .
there are many different flavors and allot more ..

Indian food is my favourite

USA…”country of land-whales” . that’s pretty funny, but there are some of us who aren’t, at least.

The questions marks were supposed to be an emoji. Not sure what happened there.

he’s talking about cows not the people you turk

He mentions donuts and forget about burgers… what a shame.. Also I agree with the rest.. indian food is missing.. shame shame..

I was actually looking for a photo of a burger from America, but all of them were bad quality. Donuts, burgers, world-class pizzas, I miss America!

brother i have visit india i am from pakistan their many dishes those are same in india and pakistan but some of names are different jaisay ke india me pani puri pakistan main gol gappay but some names are same just like kachori

ha…ha…at last i could see an ‘INDIAN’ saying about our country proudly…….

I plan to come soon. Some of my travel buddies swear by your foods.

The best of world Turkish Cuisine

Good experience I think … but you shouldn’t miss the Egyptian food it is very very delicious .

IF you visit india. Than you can test your taste bus in Urban Degchi. ::)

First you come India and you are surprised for lots of different foods in India.Most food lovers verified this fact after visiting India.

You’re making me hungry! By the way, ever came across The Netherlands? If you didn’t it might be a cool idea for you to check out!

I used to see a chick from Amsterdam a few years ago. I was there for a couple of weeks. All I remember is your raw fish with pickles, and some pancake-like thing they sell in the small villages.

U should try Indian butter chicken with Nan… One of the delicious foods I’ve ever had !!

naw, India is best for its vegetarian delights, too much for a meat-lover to handle :) lol

go to jordan and taste the mansaf it is amazing

Taste a little bit in Malaysia it is so delicious Nasi Lemak

Visit Korea and you will have some of the best food ever…

Just returned from Korea, added a photo.

This food is looking bad I don’t like it you have not taste the flavour of Pakistani food

I can’t enter Pakistan with my Israeli passport.

Enter India with your Israeli passport.. then visit mumbai , Lucknow and Hyderabad you will get the same food as in pakistan..

I was just talking to a friend about how food enriches the experience of travel and how I wish I could taste the food of every country (its actually how I found this blog). I was wondering how you get to go so many places. Do you just backpack it?

I don’t technically backpack (I don’t have a bag), but I do travel for the sake of travel and exploration. Skim through the site a little bit, you’ll see the whole philosophy behind.

I love this blog! it’s interesting. I like Mexican empanadas and Baby shrimps with veggies and rice. Yum! thanks for sharing.

If one day you stumble upon Bangladesh (pronounced Bung-glu-dish, for all of you weirdoes who think it’s pronounced Bang-gla-desh), you should definitely stop and try our amazing cuisine. Bangladesh has the best of food. Dinner to dessert. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried beef or chicken biryani! Our food is the best, Bangladesh is a must visit for anyone who has a good taste in food. Ha, I could make a ten page report on how good it is, but, really, I guess I should cut this short. :/ -Sammie Wilde (lol, you already see my name on the top… Well, you get to see it again!)

What’s your page sammie? Really interested in your cuisine.

I might sound really stupid here, but I thought Bangladesh was a part of India when I was younger XD. Anyway, that sounds interesting. Are you from Bangladesh? Also, I was a little put off by your ‘”(…) for all of you weirdos who think it’s pronounced Bang-gla-desh”‘ comment. Not all of us know Bangladesh as well as you do, and I know that’s probably why you threw that out there for reference, but the ‘weirdoes’ part was rather curt. I live in the US, and we pronounce it like Bang-gla-desh, so I was a little insulted by that comment. Anyway, have a nice day, and maybe I’ll check out some stuff about Bangladesh in the future )!

Could you add more different country dishes over time? This list is phenomenal, love the photos

you forgot my favourite…..butter chicken.

What a great and interesting blog , its such a great way of get to know and differents cultures , congrats! miss . We were surprised about the differents kind of food around the world , we personally would not eat some of those dishes , but other we absolutlly exquisite! , You shold came to chile and taste HUMITAS , PASTEL DE CHOCLOS AND MORE

I’d love to come to Chile one day.
gracias chicas

Hi there, great blog- one question- in the Costa Rica photo, do you remember what the puree was?
Thank you

I don’t think there was any puree there.

Italy . and I luv empanadas from Mexico mmm gud!! . I would luv to try all around the world foods that r very delicious .

Northern Ireland is a land of very fresh well cooked meats and veg (served piping hot)
Their soda, wheaten and potato breads are simply stunning which gives the (Farmers) Irish breakfast its wonderful taste, served alongside beef sausage, eggs, tomato and mushrooms, with lots of hot tea to drink, sets you up contentedly for the rest of the day

You just made me really wanna come to Northern Ireland.

come to the place of land-whales and try….. fried chicken? grilled cheese? oooh tomato soup and grilled cheese…. mmmm….. my hungarian uncle makes really good chicken paprikash… good. oh and we have americanized pizza that is sorta good? come have pie. theres lots of pie here.

you should try the new zealand homemade hangi its better than any thing

The Country of Land-Whales? Gosh, it makes me so sad that of all the countries you visited, the US is the only one you blatantly insulted. Not all of us are whales, and not all of our food is unhealthy. I know we have a bad reputation, but I really wish people wouldn’t generalize a nation of 319 million people. :-(

I love America, but statistics don’t lie.

U should try Indian couse they are mouth watering

But you can get them in England? So why do I have to travel the world to eat?

They all sound good! But you really should come to Turkey and try our food. They are all tasty! You can eat fish in half bread while sitting on the coast side and watching around and the fishers. You can find foods as ‘iskender’ or tartan soup, they are all very tasty! It would be a good try )

you should come to England. It’s not amazing but you can try fish and chips XD and stuff…

I actually tried fish and chips in London. It was great, and the only reason t’s not listed is because I couldn’t find the photo.

I am suprised Indonesian food is not on this list. It is famous for being one of the worlds tastiest foods.

There’s no photo from Indonesia because I can not enter the country with my passport. They don’t allow Israelis in.

Wow, I don’t know Indonesia is enough famous.

All foods of different countries enhance my appetite. I really like your collections. Keep it up and don’t forget to add Pakistani Indian and Iranian dishes in your list these are also very yummy and unique in its taste.

yummmmm we are reaserching 4 school

What was the most delicious food out of all these?

That’s a very tough question.

you should have made food from africa and madagascar

Just added some from Seychelles and Ethiopia. Madagascar next!

What about west Africa. You haven’t tried any country there.

You must taste my Bagna Cauda in Argentina but with italians origins. Its delicius.
I invite you to Jesús María, the place with the best “asado” of the world!!

Brother you must visit India. It offers you a vast variety in food. If you are fascinated about sea food then you must try out the home cooked food of the konkan side of india. You must also visit the karim’s restaurant (old one) in Delhi .

It’s on my future list, man. Everyone says it’s amazing over there.

do not forget south Indian dishes!specially Hyderabadi biryani.

How rendang (Indonesia)? This is the most delicious cuisine in the world according to CNN. Rendang is in first place as the most delicious cuisines in the world. Nasi Goreng followed, also from Indonesia.

Hey, Regeve. Thanks for sharing the best dish in Bangkok. Hope to see you soon.

You’ve earned it. I’ll come see you on my next visit.

Wow! It’s great that the love of food or cuisine is universal and bind us. That’s great because no racism. Now we know all the countries in the world have variety of splendid and delicious food.
You are all invited to Malaysia, here we got many delicacies because multiracial people. Guys you must try all of them.

1) Sate Choose any beef or chicken or lamb sweet with special spice barbecued flavor fully.
Check it out

Well there’s more, I can explain and guide you together to a cuisine adventure.

But he couldn’t enter malaysia with his israeli pasport. Better suggest him to try malaysian food prepared and served by malaysian in say, london

plz come to Bangladesh, a small country beside India.and have some food of Bangladesh which will blow ur mind,specifically KACHCHI BIRIYANI, made of various special ingredients, mutton and rice and served with some pickles

Can’t enter Bangladesh with my passport. Send some food photos though!

Next time please try to get the recipes of those mouthwatering things

The only thing you tried in the U.S was donuts im glad you have a wide look on everything

I tried lots of different things there, but the only things I could actually feel are “local foods” were the burgers and the donuts. The burgers were amazing, but I didn’t take a photo.

The different foods are well .how the condition to eat cold or hot . which kind are eat

Regev, what’s the best dish in the world in your opinion and experience?

Tough question. I have a deep appreciation for Middle Eastern and Japanese foods, and despite my dietary recommendations, i’ve always had a weakness for well-made Italian pizzas.

How can I purchase some of the pictures?

Feel free to use them free of charge, just make sure you give credit linking back to this site.

To whom it concerns: almost all Muslim countries have blocked people with Israeli passports to enter them. However, some countries like Jordan and Indonesia (Yes, check Wikipedia for this.) allow Israelis to apply visas, albeit it being a very difficult process. So check the visa requirements of the author’s passport before you post any country suggestions.

That’s right. It’s actually easy for us to go into Jordan. Indonesia.. not so much. I don’t know any Israeli who’s ever been to Indonesia without a foreign passport.

Any one tested ragi ball with nati colli sambar?

how about indonesia foods

you must try indonesian food, then you can posting tasted food delicious

South African food beats all these dishes. Best beef and seafood in the world and no mention of us?

Haven’t been there yet. Those are all photos of dishes that I personally took.

Donuts on this list?? Listing donuts gets to show you that whoever came up with this list needs to sober up and try this again!

Actually in Iran we have alot of delicious foods..I suggest you to try them?

I can not enter Iran, unfortunately.

HALLO. Wheres Germany. Try these German foods: Hamburger, Apfelstrudel, Eintopf, Kasespatzl, Kartoffelpuffer, Schnitzel, and one of themost famous food in Germany BRATWURTS(SAUSAGES)n dont 4get also German Doner Kebap. ALSO DID U KNOW DAT Beer is considered a FOOD in Bavaria (a state in Southern Germany) :)) ich liebe dich.

Sir, u not mention a single indian food, as a popular food. Realy i shocked.

Iranian Food was delicious. You Should to Try them Such as Abgoosht? Kale pache? Ghormeh sabzi? Kabab and … thats very good.

Ok, Doughnauts are good and all, but dude. We ain’t all fat. In fact I live in California and over hear majority of us are health nuts. You ever hear of raw food? Raw food are only plant based and are not cooked. Not the tastiest, but really healthy. We are known to put Avacado on almost everything. Burgers, sushi, salad, etc… By the way I’m fifteen, and I care a lot about what I eat. So does the rest of my family and most of my friends, but none of my friends are fat. Some slightly chubby though. There is something about the US that you missed. There are a variety of states, fifty of them to be exact. Not all of them have the same food. There’s raw food here in Cali, Soul food in the south, Bison somewhere in the middle, and I don’t know what in the East. (I’m a westerner) One more thing. It’s not our fault that we get so… BIG. It’s the manufacturers, when shopping for food here make sure you read labels and try not to eat fast food to much. EXPECIALY KFC! Never eat there… You don’t want to know. America’s not all bad though, just stick to the smaller restraints you’ll be fine. Hope I didn’t scare you away.

Sorry, one last thing. Try Puerto Rico, they have awesome food. Probably similar to Costa Rica, but still. If not for the food, go for the bioluminescence tour. It’s on a kayak group trip at night, and it’s beautiful. Saw it two summers ago when I went on a trip with my mother and step-dad. Both native to the island. I’m half Puerto Rican and half… Mixture of German, Russian, Polish, and a little Israeli way far back in my family tree.

sushi is not an American traditional food.. :) if ya wanna argue about it please message my email. for your information Bison is not a food in the middle of the United States. So, I think you need to get your facts VERY STRAIGHT before opening your mouth. Oh , and KFC is very delicious you weirdo.

i like japanese fodod the most

you didn’t get to try authentic Singapore food, the super spicy food that you tried is actually a popular mala dish from China which is popular but not a bit related to Singapore

Isn’t Singapore a pure mixture of Malaysian/Chinese/Indonesian people anyway?

Singapore is a mixing pot of different cultures, there are many dishes that are brought here by immigrants in the late 1800s and early 1900s, or “invented” here from the fusion of cultures. These food that are commonly found in hawker centers are what people consider to be the “classic” Singapore local food.

The food in the pic above (ma la xiang guo) originates from Sichuan /Chongqing in China, brought over by Chinese workers from China in the 2000s. It’s very tasty and now can be commonly found here, but it’s generally not considered to be “local food”. Early Chinese immigrants came from the South-eastern part of China (fujian, guangzhou area) which has very different food culture from the southwest or north. My grandfather would have never eaten that dish in his whole life.

All the dishes you have posted online look really mouth watering. Like you, I too would like to travel to visit different places and try exotic food. If you ever come to India you will find that almost every state has a unique/ special food dish which is not available anywhere in any other state. South Indian food is amazing along with those of Lucknow, Delhi, Kolkata just to name a few.


iranian food is amazing,just taste iranian food one time then you love it

Yeah That Yellow Rice with Zebeeb tastes Sooo Good and Delicious.

I really enjoyed to see this photos connected with countries..i loved most of it and i would love to test all of these.. i have tested a Asian Dish in New York called “Masala Dhosa” was awesome with mix of many tests.. i would put in number one and it looks too good so when you get chance upload the picture of it as well..

Masala Dosa is nothing compared to mughlai cuisine, different curries, etc, etc.

Have you visited the island of Guam? It is a U.S. Territory, located in the Pacific Ocean. You need to try the shrimp or chicken kelaguen. Delicious!

You have travel around the world? Cool, i never travel anywhere outside my country

u should come to Nigeria and taste our Egusi soup . yummy yummy

tuwo miyan kuka n taushe with frra da nono n man shanu so delicious meal.

You missed Indian cuisine. It’s nothing like you’ve tasted before. India and Israel are allies. You are always welcome here.

West Virginia foods are delicious too!

I wish that you came to Jordan and eat Makloppa,-very tasty-,and of course there is a lot of different Arab country which distinguished with it’s local cuisine,never miss such trip.and you will be always more than welcome .

Well, there are more delicious authentic Filipino food out here in my country like Lechong Manok (Roast Chicken), Lechong Baboy (Roast Pork), Sinigang (tamarind base soup), Adobo (Either chicken or pork stewed in a combination of soy sauce and vinegar), If you like squid, we have this Calamares (Fried Squid, street food), Inihaw na bangus/tilapia (grilled milkfish/tilapia) and many more. I’ve also tried Chinese, and I like Dumpling, Siomai and the rice. And also Nasi Goreng, but i dont know what country is that from. But i have to say, Italian Food is one of my favorites.

I am quite disappointed in the way you misrepresent America.

You missed roti chanai from Malaysia! You have got to check it out.

ya..what a different kinds of food…..U just came yo India ..there is lot of delicious food varies from kashmir to kanya kumari……so please taste our indian foods.

You should visit India. It is a blend of various food cuisines. You should taste various foods of India like Tamilian sambar, Keralas coconut halwa, Andhras pickles, Goas fish curry, Gujarats panner curry, Hyderabadi dum biryani, Mumbais vada pav, Kolkata fish curry, Bhopals food, Rajasthans royal food, Lucknow kebab, kashmirs cuisine, Delhi gol gappa and many more
As of me it would take a lifetime for anyone to taste all of India’s vast and delicious cuisine……

How could u miss the Indian cuisine. It is one of the best cuisine in the world. You should taste the Tamilian sambar, Kerala’s coconut halwa, Andhra’s mango pickle, Hyderabadi dum biryani, Goa’s fish cuisine, Mumbai’s vada pav, Lucknow’s kebab, Delhi’s gol gappa, Gujarat’s paneer curry, Rajasthan’s royal food, Bengal’s fish curry, Kashmir’s cuisine and many more which i can’t state here. As of me, it would take a lifetime for a person to taste the whole of India’s delicious food. But , u should only eat form good restaurants. Thank you and welcome to my homeland.

The “Singaporean dish” you had isn’t actually Singaporean. It’s from China… more specifically the Sze Chuan Province. It’s just that it has been imported to Singapore, like most things.

I would like to suggest China food… Cuz my every customer from overseas feel impressing when they try it. Just too much kinds of foods. And it’s no enough time for you to try all of them in life, really too much. Welcome. : )

Donuts? What a pos… of all the things on this list you really couldnt do any better than donuts for the US. Hard to believe.. more likely youre just a hater. Either that or just a flat out moron. Land whales.. what a tool.

Yea I agree. So many amzing dishes then donuts for USA. I mean prime rib in the USA is amazing.

Israeli Hommous. Really.. LOL

Please do not leave chopsticks sticking into food/bowl. It’s making me cringe.

About tasty food….. India is number 1 because world’s tasty food available here

I suggest you to try indian food. Especially Rajasthan Gujarati bengali south indian and many more….. I am sure you will love our parathas, pani puri, naan, paneer (cottage cheese) lassi idly dosa etc etc… If you come to india do visit Rajasthan Gujarat Kolkata Hyderabad Mumbai. You will fall in love with our food. I bet you will have a very good time in india. Do try parathas roshgulla panipuri biryani and south indian food. I am a vegetarian so i keep talking about these. You can also have best non vegetarian dishes. Plz cone to india.

All foods is very very yummy n very very testy.

RENDANG no 1 FOOD in world

Malaysian food isn’t bad too you try air one am sure u wills forget your car keys

Try Indian food, especially wada pav. )

hey u mental shut up…indian food tastes gud….but your stomach will die by the next day

nigeria black soup is the best of all soup

You have to know that kebab or kabab is national dish of Iran and the word itself is Persian and I have no idea why you didn’t mention it in this list.

Hey Reggie! What in your opinion is the most delicious food in the world?

Are those the the bests food in the world you tried or just foods you randomly found traveling?

Just tried different foods around the world and documented it with my camera. None of them is necessarily “best”.

Here in the Philippines, taste is diverse. You should try exploring more of the food here.. It’s actually exemplary and scrumptious like the Lechon (Roasted Pig), Kinilaw na Isda (Raw Fish), Bulalo (Beef Stew) and many more!

My gf is filipino and we were discussing, along with my brother, how disgusting (or not from her point of view) this balut ‘delicacy’ is not more than 2 hours ago.

I couldn’t eat that thing I don’t think unless it was mashed up in a McFlurry. :-D

My friends told me that it is best eaten with beer. I really have not tried eating it.

Love these different types of food! Thanks for the photos. What in your opinion was the best food in the world?

I would love to have the freedom to try food around the world too.

Hello there,
I am Emily Trammell and I had a few questions for you if you didn’t mind, see I am in this class called STEAM which means SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ARTS, MATH and see we pick any subject that we are passionate about and see I am super passionate about food. I was wondering if maybe you could tell me more about your food encounters and we even make our very own food in the class so if you maybe had any ideas that would be great and it seem like you’ve been every where and I was thinking that maybe we could exchange emails and maybe you could lend me hand if so could you shoot me an email at : [email protected]
Thank you so much for your inspiration!
Emily Trammell

I love this blog, it is superb!
I add few suggestions for all food lovers to taste some famous Pakistani foods, such as: Mutton Biryani, Haleem, Shami Kebab, Gol gapy, Samosa, Pakora, Jalebi & Kashmiri Chai. These are my favs. Many of those are high in calories but one can have it on cheat days.

Kebab is for iran no armenia , ghorme sabzi is best food in the world

Come to Vietnam there are many speacial dishes :)

I guess the guy who had written this article have never tasted indian foods :(

I love Indian foods, but I haven’t been to India (yet).

then to be fair sir you should have made titled it to acknowledge that this list was based on countires youve visited only (i suggest you hurry to india and experience vegetarianism that will make you never want to eat meat again) (also, eat Undhiyo from Gujarat)

I always miss the US when I’m not there, because it has some of the healthiest, freshest and most beautiful food on the planet. It is way ahead of other counties when it comes to veganism, and is actually way more creative when it comes to making healthy food appealing to those that would otherwise not even give a damn. It’s always amazing to see how open most are, collectively. You will for instance find meat eaters get super super excited about the vegan meal they’re planning for the night. Wholefoods, Cafe Gratitude, Sprout…Gosh the list of natural markets is endless, and few things compare in freshness to an authentic American Farmers market. Kind of sad that you’re operating on stereotypes when it comes to the US. Traveling, when it takes root in your Soul, usually causes us to grow beyond stereotypes.

As for other countries with amazing food, Australia is incredible. Some of the best food you will ever eat, I lived there for many years. It’s also a bonus that you can easily find food from every single country in the world there, and it’s super authentic.

sure but your forgetting India, the land of the vegetarians (the only non-vegan thing we eat is dairy, which we do not harm cows by getting milk from them unlike your precious USA) may i remind you of tofurkey? hilariously stupid, pls do not make more jokes…americans do not know how to be a vegan…you guys dont know what protein is even…rice and broccoli? thats what a white vegan told me he ate …nope, not protein tyvm

Indonesian have Rendang. You Know?

I liked your way to cook. Maybe if you consider visit to Brasil next time…I would appreciate your blog more .

you should come to iran if you can

Visit Iran and try Iranian food specially kebab and then talk about the most delicious food in the world….

Indeed FOOD The Very tasty Once, BECAUSE I NEVER give it a try, but it would be nice if you sample food from asia like this. read 10 Best Delicious Foods From Asian Countries Around The World

this hellped my daughter alot thank you

I missed South America and some others African Countries.

for having a different experience about taste and food, its better have a travel to IRAN

XD Land-whales? I was born in the US but I am Chinese-American (My passport is American because I live there.). Chinese food is really good, it’s just that sometimes in China they serve some very…. EXOTIC food if you know what I mean. Some of the food on this list looked fine, but unfortunately I have just about the weakest stomach out there (If you need a clarification, mildly spicy food means burning hot in my vocabulary, I’m sometimes afraid to eat seafood, if meat turns out red when I eat it I feel sick, and I have never tried lamb and I’m too afraid to, so I am probably not your definition of an adventurous eater). When I saw the rabbit leg on your list I freaked out and died because RABBITS ARE MY FAVORITE ANIMALS! THEY’RE SO FREAKING ADORABLE UWAAAAAAHHH! Sorry. The lamb made me nervous, and at first I thought the stuffed squid was a giant tarantula but I was mildly relieved when I realized it wasn’t, and the beef heart and beef liver made me fear for my safety (hugs self: I JUST READ ON THIS OTHER MORBID LIST THAT SOMETIMES PEOPLE ATE HUMAN PLASENTRAS! EWWW! Ugh ugh gross waah there are cannibals among us!) because they are both vital organs. I’ve heard of cooked snails before but I kind of thought it was something like, I dunno, COOKIES so when I read the description I was utterly horrified. The armadillo thing made me just about pass out (on the bed, but still), and I have read about Balut before in other blogs/websites but it never ceases to disturb me. But everything else looked good/okay! Great blog, can’t wait till you update some more stuff (maybe Chinese, if you can get into China! Most of the food is good, noodles, Peking duck, baozi, etc. etc., but some is quite disturbing (Shark fin soup, MONKEY BRAINS, etc.)!

im an american and im only 457 pounds im not a land whale.

go to the Jordan &taste the amazing food

humus is not from Israel My friend we as Egyptians and Arabs we ate from thousands of years before something is called israel founded.

Please be more accurate about your information

Have u ever tried Indian food. Its just amazing


CALM DOWN fellas
we are here to enjoy the food.

Enjoy it and just let me know if some one willing to be my host for the food journey while my search for the great taste.

it’s wrong
kebab for Iran
Not Armenia

Why did you post pictures and not name the dishes? How can I order these or make them if I don’t know what they are?

Have you really been to like all of these places ad eaten every single thing mentioned?!
That’s easily a lot of traveling, man!

i think he just saw a photo in internet and gathere every food

I did ) Wanted to create this massive resource over time of rare and famous food of different countries/

Hahahaha LOL without INDIAN dishes expecially Hyderabad biriyani once come to ??

Just have a visit Sri Lanka and taste variety of amazing foods.
1. Chicken Kottu
2. Rice with Ambul Thiyal, Gotukola Mallung, Polos Cuury, Dhal Curry, Bringal Eggplant, Pol Sambal.
3. Thosei with Uludu wade, Sambal & Sambaru
4. Pol Rottie with Lunumiris
5. Milk Rice with Onion Sambal
6. Egg Hoppers with Sambal
7. Wood-apple Juice, avacado juice, Nelli Juice, Watermelon Juice, Etc.
8. Kavum, Kokis, Aluwa, Konda Kavum, Thala Aluva, Asmi, Etc.

Country of the land whales? I’d say that’s accurate.
P.s This is a joke im from America

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