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The twigs

The twigs

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Servings: 10

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


Allow the puff pastry to thaw at room temperature. Then it stretches thinner with the twister. Place the slices of ham on half of the puff pastry surface, over which the grated cheese is placed. Fold with the other half, cut in half lengthwise and then cut into strips of 1.5-2 cm. Twist the strips, put them in a tray on baking paper and grease them with beaten egg mixed with basil. Bake until golden brown.

Vaccine News & # 8211 Dear President Donald J. Trump, this young vaccine injured boy has a request. Please help us fulfill it!

Dr. Alvin Moss testifies at the West Virginia Education Committee on the morning of Saturday, March 18, 2017. He responds to the question, & # 8220What is in vaccines? & # 8221 Dr. Moss is a physician and professor in the Center for Health Ethics & Law department at West Virginia University.
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Source Footage:
Full length testimony coming soon!
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The Alex Jones Channel & # 8211 Vaccines Exposed The Hidden Crime Against Children

Scott Miller & # 8217s jaw-dropping documentary, & # 8220Vaccine Syndrome & # 8221, which covers this atrocity in-depth, is included in the & # 8220Vaccines Revealed & # 8221 9-part docu-series, replaying now for free:
At the time of this news-clip, over 1.5 MILLION service members had been injected with the deadly Anthrax vaccine, under threat of court-martial for refusal to comply.
#GulfWar #Anthrax #RevolutionForChoice #InformedConsent #EducateBeforeYouVaccinate #VAXXED

Do you wonder whether you or someone you love should get the Shingles vaccine? In this video, Dr. Northrup explains why there is a big push lately to get the Shingles vaccine - and vaccines in general. She tells you in detail how vaccines work - and don’t work - and gives you a reality check so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not this vaccine is right for you.
#VaXism NEWS #Maine
Another brave MD!

Chase’s Vaccine Injury- Facts The Biased Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To Know
May 14, 2017
Vaccine Spruiker and extraordinary propagandist, Jane Hansen, a Newscorp ‘journalist’ has once again unleashed her ferocious claws. This time, her targets were the parents of a 4-year old boy named Chase who suffers from hypertonic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.
Hansen’s mediocre reporting leads readers on a trail of manipulated lies and half-truths in a desperate attempt to shift the public’s perception away from the reality of vaccine injury. Her article falsely claims that Chase’s parents were manipulated by a “conspiracy theorist” named Peter Little (former solicitor and current advocate for the victims of vaccine injury) and a deregistered doctor named Andrew Katelaris, into believing their son’s condition was caused by vaccination. However, some basic research will show Hansen’s deliberate deceit.
Jacinta Walker, known as Cini and Marc Stevens welcomed their son Chase into the world in August 2012. Life started off a little rocky for this much-loved boy with delivery room complications and meconium (the baby’s first faeces) being found in his esophagus. His Apgar scores (a quick method used to summarize the health of a newborn child) however were 8 at 1 minute, 9 at 5 minutes and 10/10 at the 10 minute mark of life, indicating the best possible physical outcome. Shortly thereafter, he was administered the routine vitamin K injection allegedly without his parents ’consent and within two hours of that shot, he started experiencing seizures. Midwives initially dismissed Cini’s concerns but 10 hours later, Chase was rushed off to the special care nursery where his oxygen levels were observed at a low 82%, indicating he was lacking oxygen supply. Within a few hours he developed jaundice and was put in an incubator where he spent the next 4 days.
In order to find out what may have been causing Chase’s seizures, an MRI was performed on day 4 of life, which showed no signs of brain abnormalities. The following day, his medical records indicate he had a 30-second seizure. Despite this, just 1 ½ hours later, Chase was given the hepatitis B vaccine - a shot that is intended to stop infection with hepatitis B virus (which is typically acquired during unsafe sex and by intravenous drug users sharing needles).
His mother believes he may have mistakenly received two doses of this vaccine as there appears to be two records on the same date, on two different pages of his baby book, one of which is crossed off with the word “error” beside it. The word “error” and the date of entry that had been crossed off, was in a different handwriting to the one that had been placed in the correct section of his baby book. While this does not prove Chase had been given two doses, it does leave some unanswered questions. It is also interesting to note that the Immunization Register has no record of this vaccine ever being administered.

What happened in 1989 that warranted TWENTY-SIX more vaccines on the CDC schedule?
. . . . . .69 DOSES OF 16 VACCINES BY AGE 18
Educate BEFORE you vaccinate! & # 8220Vaccines Revealed & # 8221 9-part docu-series, replaying now for free:
Networking, resources and much needed group support is here for you:
Be sure to follow our page:
#RevolutionForChoice #InformedConsent #EducateBeforeYouVaccinate #VAXXED #CDCVaccineSchedule

Indian Journal of medical ethics
Lessons learned in Japan from adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine: a medical ethics perspective
The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has been linked to a number of serious adverse reactions. The range of symptoms is diverse and they develop in a multi-layered manner over an extended period of time.
The argument for the safety and effectiveness of the HPV vaccine overlooks the following flaws:
(i) no consideration is given to the genetic basis of autoimmune diseases, and arguments that do not take this into account cannot ensure the safety of the vaccine.
(ii) the immune evasion mechanisms of HPV, which require the HPV vaccine to maintain an extraordinarily high antibody level for a long period of time for it to be effective, are disregarded
(iii) the limitations of effectiveness of the vaccine. We also discuss various issues that came up in the course of developing, promoting and distributing the vaccine, as well as the pitfalls encountered in monitoring adverse events and epidemiological verification.

Dear President Donald J. Trump, this young vaccine injured boy has a request. Please help us fulfill it!
#vaxxed #RFKcommission #PrayBig #vaccinesafetycommission #dotherightthing #trump #truth #science & # 8211 video link & # 8212 & gt

Severely disabled son of anti-vax couple taken by police after dramatic confrontation
Sean Davidson
By Sean Davidson
A four-year-old boy with disabilities who was the subject of an amber alert when his parents took him from a Brisbane hospital has been taken by police after they stormed an NSW property and confronted his family.
Police issued an amber alert in late April, after the young boy left with his parents from Lady Cilento Children & # 8217s Hospital in Brisbane.
They were later found in New South Wales, and the boy was taken to John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle.
He was returned to his parents care and no charges were laid.
Last night authorities attended a property in Newcastle & # 8220regarding a child at risk & # 8221 and took the boy into their care.
& # 8220After extensive negotiations a four-year-old child was taken to John Hunter Hospital for medical assessment, & # 8221 NSW Police told in a statement.
Dramatic videos posted online captured the confrontation between authorities and the boy & # 8217s parents as he was taken away.
& # 8220I understand you & # 8217re upset, but we can & # 8217t leave here without the child, ”an officer can be heard saying.
& # 8220We have a court order for his removal, & # 8221 another officer said.
& # 8220You have no warrant to do this, & # 8221 one person can be heard saying.
A woman, who appeared to be the one filming the incident, is heard claiming the boy’s parents have & # 8220so much evidence against them people of malpractice and negligence & # 8221.
It & # 8217s not clear who she is referring to.

Johns Hopkins Scientist Reveals Shocking Report on Flu Vaccines
A Johns Hopkins scientist has issued a blistering report on influenza vaccines in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). Peter Doshi, Ph.D., charges that although the vaccines are being pushed on the public in unprecedented numbers, they are less effective and cause more side effects than alleged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Further, says Doshi, the studies that underlie the CDC’s policy of encouraging most people to get a yearly flu shot are often low quality studies that do not substantiate the official claims.
Promoting influenza vaccines is one of the most visible and aggressive public health policies in the United States, says Doshi of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Drug companies and public officials press for widespread vaccination each fall, offering vaccinations in drugstores and supermarkets. The results have been phenomenal. Only 20 years ago, 32 million doses of influenza vaccine were available in the United States on an annual basis. Today, the total has skyrocketed to 135 million doses.
"The vaccine may be less beneficial and less safe than has been claimed, and the threat of influenza seems to be overstated," Doshi says. Mandatory vaccination policies have been enacted, often in healthcare facilities, forcing some people to take the vaccine under threat of losing their jobs.
The main assertion of the CDC that fuels the push for flu vaccines each year is that influenza comes with a risk of serious complications which can cause death, especially in senior citizens and those suffering from chronic illnesses. That’s not the case, said Doshi.
When read carefully, the CDC acknowledges that studies finding any perceived reduction in death rates may be due to the “healthy-user effect” - the tendency for healthier people to be vaccinated more than less-healthy people. The only randomized trial of influenza vaccine in older people found no decrease in deaths. "This means that influenza vaccines are approved for use in older people despite any clinical trials demonstrating a reduction in serious outcomes," says Doshi.

Jonathan Irwin fears for daughter Molly after HPV vaccine side-effects claim Call for government action
Paula Campbell
19 May 2017
Jack and Jill’s Jonathan Irwin has a strong message for the government this week to stop vilifying worried parents and to list the manufacturers side effects with the HPV vaccine for young girls.
As a worried parent himself Jonathan spoke to the Leinster Leader about the issue, after his daughter Molly has been dogged with ill health since she got the vaccine aged 13.
“My now 17-year-old daughter, who was so athletic before she had this vaccine, has been left bed-ridden, experiencing debilitating, chronic health issues as a result of this vaccine. That’s a fact, ”he said.
The vaccine is supposed to be a safeguard against cervical cancer. He insists that he is not anti-vaccine but he claims parents were not given a full list of the possible side effects from the HSE.
"I want to send a message to the Minister for Health, as my daughter is one of those chronically ill as a result of Gardasil HPV vaccine," he said.
“Please stop vilifying parents, like me, when we are simply telling the truth and start sharing the full list of side effects of this vaccine, rather than an edited version. I am compelled to speak up about my daughter & # 8217s chronic illness in the aftermath of the HPV vaccine Gardasil and to send a message to Minister Harris to please stop vilifying parents, like me, when we are simply telling the truth about our family experience. ”


a teacake it is distinguished from a trivial bun by the sweet dough, leavened with yeast, to which a few raisins are added. The bun has a diameter of about 10 cm. It is cut in half, fried, greased with butter and served with tea.

In some parts of Yorkshire and Lancashire, a teacake does not contain raisins. Teacake is, in fact, the generic name given to a bun, called in northern England breadcake or "barm cake", which can be eaten even with straw potatoes.

In Yorkshire, the real teacake is called "rascal fat".

Teacakes are very popular in the southern United States, but the term here refers to some cakes flavored with vanilla and spices. There is a wide variety of recipes for American buns.

Tunnock’s Teacakes, a Scottish commercial product, is not actually a teacake, but a meringue cookie. Teacakes are cakes in Australia, sometimes sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, so named because they are served for tea.

In Ireland, brack teacake is a consistent cake with dried fruit, similar to bread with dried fruit, the difference being that it is leavened with eggs and baking powder instead of yeast.

Rasucele - Recipes


Petronella, your baby is adorable. motherhood goes by so quickly. they grow at an astonishing rate. It's incredible how much you can love another being. I remember the days of no time for myself. no biggie. raising our children are the best.

I & # 39m not writing at the moment and not really reading but I saw you posted so I didn & # 39t want to miss you. I & # 39ll be back to reading soon and I hope writing again. I have a lot going on.

I have missed you, love you & # 9825 & # 9825 & # 9825

Lovely to see you pop up. Even better to see your beautiful, amazing little boy.

Seeing that little Albert and his gorgeous blue eyes put a big smile on my face. Petronella, he is so beautiful. Just remember that he loves you just as much as you love him. You & # 39re his whole world and he doesn't care if your legs are shaved or your hair is done !! Unconditional love! That & # 39s what it & # 39s is all about. So nice to hear from you. XX

He is so beautiful, and I love how you noticed how much you have changed since having a baby.
Funny how becoming a mother can change a person so much. I am so happy for you.

Incredibly gorgeous child - but then look who his parents are!

I am so happy for you.
I was a mother to 36 years and wanted it as a dream come true.
Your beautiful Albert is the cutest boy I know!
I am thrilled to read every experience reported by you.
If it was easy, less far, sure I would have already sent many gifts for him.
I love you both.

I loved reading this. There's no experience like motherhood. I'm glad you're enjoying every moment you can. They grow up so fast, and the journey keeps changing. Congrats on such a beautiful little boy!

Welcome back! He is precious - what a beautiful baby. I am so happy for you! Sounds like such an awesome experience. Hopefully, I'll know what that feels like someday. We & # 39; ve missed you but I also believe that being in the present and experiencing what is near is such a blessing. Hope to hear more from you about your new adventure. xoxo, Beautiful Lady!

Congratulations on your success!

I remember where I used to work I grew from the new parent to the older experienced parent with teenagers etc. (Actually as of yesterday both mine are now in their 20s! - I feel so old). One of the younger to be a new parent came to me and said & quotYou don & # 39t say much about what being a parent is like. Everyone else has loads to say. & Quot I explained my experience was whatever anyone said was pointless, only once the baby arrives do you really understand. I said & quotCome back in a few weeks / months after it arrives. I tell you now you won't remember what it was like before they came. Then we can talk & quot. A few months later he arrived at my door and said & quotYou & # 39re the only one that said the truth. Can I ask some advice? & Quot

He's so cute! I remember when my little rascal was at that age !! Now I wish I can go back to those moments .. But there & # 39s something charming and worth looking forward to and at the same time challenging in every stage of a child & # 39s life the nicest thing of it all is, we get to experience and witness it ourselves first hand! :)

Also, do not try to retaliate against anyone who posted the complaint. These types of reaction are not going to solve the problem and will only draw more attention to all the negativity.
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10/03/2013 - Parents' Advice - Views: 985

Starting Thursday, March 14, there is shopping and fun in the same place! BABY EXPO, the biggest celebration of Pregnant Women and Babies in Romania opens its doors on March 14-15-16-17 at the Polyvalent Hall in Bucharest. Moms, dads, grandparents and children are expected to discover unique products, to enjoy together the most attractive games and to benefit from special offers. For 4 days, the over 150 companies present are waiting for parents with a wide range of products and services for children.

Paul McCartney and other artists at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, paid with a pound

Paul McCartney and other famous artists who attended the opening ceremony of the London Olympics on Friday night were paid just one pound for their performance, organizers said.

"In fact, the main talents offered their services for free. But in order for a contract to exist, we have to mention an amount, so it was set at one pound. We really appreciate the fact that they offered us their time," he said. declared a spokesman for the OJ Organizing Committee.

Among the artists who attended the ceremony are Mike Oldfield, Dizzee Rascal, Underworld and Emeli Sande, notes AFP, quoted by Mediafax.

"I received a pound for my benefit. It's written there and I know it because I signed the contract," said 25-year-old Sande. "But I haven't received anything yet," she joked.

Paul McCartney is the richest musician in Britain, with an estimated fortune of 665 million pounds.

Trophic: a bohemian eatery, a bohemian manger, as they say. I have.

Belli Siciliani - If you want to feel like an actor in a movie it.

NEW Romanian Fine Cuisine, Alex Petricean's patriotic restaurant

Alex Petricean made his own restaurant after leaving MAIZE, where he launched the New Romanian Fine Cuisine in November 2017. There had been signals in this direction, from Alexandru Iacob, among others, to the old Kane, but new and close all the others consider that at MAIZE this new big kitchen was brought in the spotlight.

Alex Petricean took the house on Popa Nan where The Vine Bistro was and opened NEW there in May 2019. With the long name NEW Romanian Cuisine, of course.

The house in old Bucharest has a lot of charm, as does the garden. I wrote about them at the former restaurant, I'm not coming back. Chef Petricean made a consistent investment, he had some good architects. The concept centered on Romania / Romanian / national specifics is unitary, well constructed and realized. And, especially, it is well integrated with the distinctive gastronomic message that Alex Petricean wants to convey. A bit too ostentatious, some would comment, but it is an absolutely irrelevant detail in the whole context.

I kept talking about Alex Petricean's food, I won't repeat that either. At NOUA we took the tasting menu which includes all dishes. They were all very good, with excess originality. And in conception, in recipes, but especially in presentation. If the food were not very good, the show of the bombastic presentation would be disproportionate, or even out of place, as we have pointed out several times at some pretentious restaurants in Bucharest. But this is not the case here.

The services are & # 8230 (read all)

Alex Petricean's new Fine Romanian Cuisine


Chef Alex Petricean and his men

New Romanian Cuisine Terrace

Alex Petricean is the restaurant's Head Chef Maize, opened this year.

Restocracy: Where, or from whom, did you learn the most important things you know about cooking and cooking?

Chef Alex Petricean: I acquired the most important skills from the people I worked with and from the environments in which I developed. I have worked for about two years in 9 of the best restaurants in the world, from the top 50 best restaurants, two or three Michelin stars, where the quality of the cuisine is incredible and the standards are extremely high.

Restocracy: How long do you think someone can become a great cook?

Chef Alex Petricean: You become a great chef when the merits of all the players of this game of the hospitality industry are recognized when your work is respected by customers, critics, colleagues, producers and suppliers. First it will happen nationally and then internationally, organically, cleanly.

Restocracy: What kinds of ingredients do you like to cook with the most?

Chef Alex Petricean: I am a chef who does not have favorite ingredients as I do not have favorite dishes. I like to work with what the season has to offer. With what is the freshest, most local and most worked with passion. For me, the ingredient is the ultimate challenge. He gives me problems and homework. He sends me to study and keeps asking me questions. His availability is a trap so he makes me look for solutions to find a replacement.

Each ingredient, product, type or cut of meat or fish has one or more utilities in which it fits perfectly. Finding the ideal formula is what I want, so I never put up barriers. I am now part of an extensive research program, working with chemistry, anatomy or botany books to discover this match with multiple possibilities. When you have favorites, your perspective is closed.

Restocracy: What sauces do you like the most and the ones you use the most in the kitchen, for the food you prepare?

Chef Alex Petricean: I really like to extract the flavor from all the ingredients I use, so I always think about what to throw away and what not from a ready-made ingredient. In most peels of vegetables and fruits lies the highest concentration of flavors, so I use them. to Maize we use a lot of reductions, oils, natural juices and infusions as bases for our sauces. The ingredient is the star so we want to get the best out of it.

Restocracy: Do you prepare desserts? If so, which one do you like the most?

Chef Alex Petricean: From my point of view, a table is never finished without dessert. I'm a sweet lover and yes, I also make desserts. I really like to bake. From bread and sweet dough like cookies and cookies to cakes that I like to make with my mother. If I ever became a taster of something, I would definitely be a cake. I never miss the opportunity of a cake and especially the one fresh out of the oven, torn in two and blurred by the amount of steam that rushes to invade the house.

Restocracy: What do you cook at home on ordinary days? But when do you have important guests?

Chef Alex Petricean: For me, I never cook as I would for guests or customers. I prefer to do exactly what comes to mind. Many times I improvise a lot in the kitchen at home, I play and I set myself challenges like "what can you do Alex, with these 3 ingredients?". It never happened that I had nothing to eat at the end of the challenges, although I did not consider them all successes.

Restocracy: What do you like most about cooking when you have special and important meals at a restaurant or residence?

Chef Alex Petricean: First of all, I would like to specify that I find it very difficult to answer clients who ask me "what do you recommend?". The reason is because I don't have favorite dishes in the menus I build. If the dish is not good or I don't like it, don't enter the menu, it's very simple. I don't just cook things so that in the end I have an X number of dishes on the menu.

If I have organized meals, I like to consult beforehand with those who are going to eat, to have a small discussion about their culinary affiliation. I like to personalize the taste provided that my gastronomic mentality is respected. I care a lot about the contraindications, allergies and intolerances of my guests. And to answer the question I like not to be made to cook absurdities, I know that in the end the food will come out tasty.

Restocracy: Does anyone else cook for you in your family?

Chef Alex Petricean: I rarely cook at home, I think I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I happen to be able to cook at home in a year. I would love to do it more often, but the program does not allow me and I think many colleagues know what the lack of free time means. However, I was lucky in this regard because my family always cooked a lot at home, so I didn't even feel the need to assert myself.

Restocracy: Which of the world's cuisines do you think is the best?

Chef Alex Petricean: Honestly I don't have any favorite cuisine, I ate good and less good things from all the kitchens I tried. I know for sure that I always miss the food of my childhood. I grew up with house food cooked by my mother, grandparents, aunts. I know very well the tastes and smells of the home kitchen. Their emotional value overwhelms me and I always miss them. All in all, I really appreciate the technique of Japanese cuisine and the philosophy of the new Nordic cuisine. Personally, I dream of the new Romanian cuisine and I think I have taken steps in this direction.

Restocracy: What foods do you like the most, what do you eat when you go to a restaurant in a foreign city or country?

Chef Alex Petricean: I ate a lot to cultivate my taste and I still have serious work to do in this regard.

I like to taste everything that catches my eye. As a child I had a sense of choosing the strangest dishes from a menu because I always wanted to eat at a restaurant that I do not eat at home or if I eat something usual to be much better than I was used to. So, I'm a fan of culinary quirks. I like to experiment and then understand what is good, what works together and what doesn't.

I learn a lot from what I eat because I analyze and record everything in the cerebral drawer of taste, olfactory, visual memory & # 8230 neurogastronomy is something I started to study recently.

Restocracy: How much does the internet use you in your job?

Chef Alex Petricean: Honestly, I couldn't be the chef I am today, almost six years after I started this job without the help of the information purchased online. That says it all. The Internet is capital in our profession. Unfortunately, many do not take advantage of it, but many also adopt copy-paste tactics.

The Internet is good for information information that you then take for processing, analysis and adaptation to your conditions and specifics. What I mean is that although the internet is a tool without which it would be difficult for us to function today (regardless of the field of work) we must not replicate without metabolizing information. There are many menus in Romanian restaurants copied from the internet and the top using the same sources from the first page of Google search.

Restocracy: How do you see the responsibility that great chefs have in promoting and implementing a healthy lifestyle? What are you doing in this regard?

Chef Alex Petricean: From my point of view in Romania, being a chef is a respectable profession for too short a time to have become a trendsetter. In Romania, the trends are still consequences of globalization, globalization which fortunately reached us late and is unfortunately more aggressive than what happened in Western Europe. We appreciate more what comes from outside than what we have in our lands. Internationally, there have been examples that have changed the consumption habits of the population. And I think that's one of the benefits of culinary shows, opening up the horizons. I think that Romanians are much more open from a gastronomic point of view.

Returning to a healthy lifestyle, balance is key. The general balance between food, rest, work, personal life, exercise, not the absurd extremism of today's type, I no longer eat meat, but that person smokes.

Restocracy: What are the biggest professional challenges someone has after becoming a great chef?

Chef Alex Petricean: From my constant point of view, maintaining the passion and the principles that made you great are the great challenges after the prestige obtained in this profession. Reinvention is again very important because as technology evolves and in the kitchen there are all kinds of technological changes or trends that you need to know how to react to. As in any field, it is difficult to get up and it is very easy to fall.

Restocracy: What actions do you take to develop those who work with you? Would you like to get involved in other projects with the same purpose? If so, what would they be? What else would you do?

Chef Alex Petricean: La Maize we put a lot of emphasis on her team are the engine of the restaurant. We want to implement a permanent, hands-on training program with visits to various producers, farmers, distributors and specialists in the field. The program will start next year and will be structured very carefully for a professional and personal development with resonance. We really want to implement this program, first of all for us to become better and then to inspire others. Sunt un tip foarte sever si riguros, dar corect. Oamenii de langa mine sunt felicitati, dar si atentionati in functie de prestatia lor. Visul meu este ca in bucatarie sa existe disciplina si conduita din restaurantele mari, dar avem foarte mult de lucrat la capitolul educatie. Ma voi implica in toate proiectele care vizeaza dezvoltarea spectrului culinar romanesc. (Noiembrie 2017)

Rasucele - Rețete

Hannah Montana va aduce rasete, aventuri, distractie pentru intreaga familie si muzica fabuloasa, caci Hannah se intoarce la origini, se intalneste cu niste actori-invitati extraordinari (Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts si Vanessa Williams) si trebuie .

O poveste incalcita

O poveste incalcita este ecranizarea unui basm clasic al fratilor Grimm. Dupa ce fura cateva mere din gradina unei vrajitoare, regele unui taram de basm este obligat de aceasta sa ii ofere primul sau nascut. Regina naste o fetita care este inchisa .

Cinci eroi de legenda

Cinci eroi de legenda este aventura spectaculoasa care spune povestea unor eroi cu aptitudini iesite din comun. Cand lumea e amenintata de Pitch, un spirit diabolic, cinci eroi de legenda trebuie sa-si uneasca fortele pentru prima data ca sa .

Tinker Bell: Clopotica si secretul aripilor

Tinker Bell: Clopotica si secretul aripilor continua aventurile lui Tinker Bell (voce Mae Whitman). Dupa ce aceasta o intalneste pe Periwinkle (voce Lucy Hale) cele doua pornesc impreuna cu prietenii lor in cautarea secretului aripilor de zana. .

Testoasele Ninja - Reteaua

Testoasele Ninja se intorc asa cum nu au mai aparut pana acum, intr-o noua aventura. Dupa infrangerea dusmanului lor, The Shredder, Testoasele au devenit o familie. Luptandu-se sa le Tina unite, sensei-ul lor, Splinter (Mako), se .

Imperiul Magic al Domnului Magorium

Imperiul Magic al Domnului Magorium / Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, cel mai ciudat, mai fantastic, mai minunat magazin de jucarii din lume! Este cel mai dinamic si mai ciudat refugiu al jucariilor, unde toate lucrurile prind viata - la propriu.

Bee Movie

Bee Movie - Barry B, Benson o albinuta care tocmai a terminat facultatea este ingrozit de faptul ca va trebui sa isi inceapa cariera. Asta pentru o albinuta inseamna, nici o zi libera, deoarece de mai bine de 27 de milioane de ani, albinele nu .

Eu si monstrul meu

Un baietel gaseste pe malul unui lac un ou de dimensiuni impresionante, pe care il ia in grija. Din acesta iese in curand o creatura simpatica ce creste uimitor de repede si de care copilul se ataseaza imediat. Crusoe (asa este botezata .

Speed Racer

Speed Racer este un tanar pasionat de masinile de curse, care traieste cu amintirea fratelui sau, decedat intr-o astfel de cursa. Loial afacerii de familie cu masinile de curse, Speed refuza o oferta tentanta din partea Royalton Industries, .

Madagascar 2

Cele patru personaje pe care le cunoastem din prima parte a seriei se indreapta, intr-un avion subred si cu pinguinii drept piloti, catre New York. Girafa Melman, leul Alex, hipopotamita Gloria si zebra Marty aterizeaza insa mai devreme decat era .

Dory Fantasmagory

My name is Dory, but everyone calls me Rascal. This is my family. And I'm the littlest.

Meet Dory - an irresistible scamp with a huge imagination. Dory's the youngest in her family, which STINKS because it means everyone's always too busy to play with her. Or worse! They call her too little to join in. Luckily Dory has plenty of friends to keep her company - even if everyone else says they're just imaginary. And Dory has a lot to do: outsmarting the monsters that live in her house, escaping from prison (aka time-out) and exacting revenge on her sister's favourite doll.

Fully illustrated throughout, and with perfect-for-bedtime length chapters, this adorable little mischief-maker is sure to capture your heart.

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Mp3-ul a devenit un obiect de care ne putem dezlipi cu greu. Fie ca citim, fie ca ne dam cu rolele, fie ca pur si simplu mergem spre serviciu mp3-ul trebuie sa fie pe aproape.

Noi am facut o lista cu cateva albume ce n-ar trebui sa lipseasca din playlist-ul tau.

The Last Shaddow Puppets

Avandu-i in componenta pe Alex Turner (Artic Monkey) si Miles Kane (Rascal), The Last Shadow Puppets au un sound retro absolut delicios. Versurile melodiilor si suportul orchestral sunt absolut ravasitoare.

Linistitor, The World Lays Me Down este albumul de debut al celor de la Noah And The Whale. Imagineaza-ti un album: cald, folk si o combinatie ciudata si rara intre chitara pop si alte instrumente.

Am devenit complet obsedati de Santogold dupa single-ul Les Artistes. De altfel toate melodiile ei sunt destul de bune incat sa merite sa ajunga pe mp3-ul tau.

Albumul pe care il recomandam noi de la MGMT este Oracular Spectacular. Tot albumul este o gura de aer curat, funky iar printre favoritele noastre se numara melodiile Time To Pretend si Electric Feel.

In afara faptului ca numele trupei este unul foarte amuzant trupa este o combinatie fantastica de muzica pop cu atitudine de indie. Albumul lor, We Started Nothing, este plin de simplitati, vesel si plin de energie.

Wow, fata asta chiar stie sa cante. Este greu sa ne imaginam ca albumul Lessons to be learned a putut fi scris de o fetita de 16 ani. Plin de cantece fabuloase melodiile suna de parca ar fi fost influentate de Blondie sau Led Zeppelin.

Ai avut o zi proasta? Pune acest album la ascultat. Muzica de chill-out a celor de la Goldfrapp pot face pe oricine sa se simta bine. Albumul Seventh Tree chiar merita asezat intr-un loc special in mp3-ul tau.

Au fost votati ca fiind cea mai buna trupa de la ABBA incoace. Sound-ul melodiilor este unul vesel si plin de culoare. Plus de asta au cea mai tare pagina de MySPace din cate am vazut noi. Se numeste Alphabeat si insistam sa ii puneti si pe ei pe mp3-ul vostru.

Scris si produs in colaborare cu minunatul Bernard Butler, albumul de debut Rockferry este o adevarata avere pe mp3. Nici nu ne putem imagina ca nu-l aveati deja stocat acolo.

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